Conservative MSP opposes much-needed road safety improvements

From the Ayrshire Post 23.12.20

This is a perfect example of the need for this blog and for its title.

You’d be forgiven for thinking local MSP John Scott was out to save lives by pushing for traffic lights to allow safer access to and from the A77 but when you read the article, it turns out he is sceptical about them and more concerned to keep the traffic on the A77 moving.

If you’ve ever tried a right -turn from Maybole Road onto the A77, you’ll know how scary that can be. According to South Ayrshire Council’s Maybole Bypass proposals, in 2005, the Ayr to Maybole section of the A77 has an accident rate 40% above the Scottish average with turning manoeuvres accounting for the majority of crashes.

The proposal for the safety improvements comes from the Scottish Government’s department Transport Scotland so a photo of the minister would have been more accurate.

This easy access to self-promotion by Conservative politicians happens all-too-often

5 thoughts on “Conservative MSP opposes much-needed road safety improvements

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind not want traffic lights which could save lives? How very bizarre. Those huge lorries on such a narrow shopping street looks terrifying. In fact is it not the case that the SNP are building a by-pass just for that very reason.

    There is an excleent book, called, ‘Deep Fried Hillman Imp’ by Christopher Harvie, pub.2001, Argyll publishing. It’s a sorry tale of how Scotland’s transport infrastructure was left in the dark ages by the BritNats in London and the BritNats in Scotland. Historically, roads were only built in the Highlands, post when they had cleared the people of the land, to move sheep around and so the land thieves could go from one mansion/castle to another.

    I was reading over at ‘Orkney News’, sorry O/T, that the council there are
    demanding a relaxation of rules re Covid. I can’t find out anything on the website, (such as who the councillors are and from which party) but I think it’s a LibDem council? Anyone know?

    Does anyone know who is responsible for road repairs in Scotland? is it the ScotGov? I know that companies who dig up our roads for cable installations etc, only have to repair them to a standard, (nil really) to last a year, no more. That rule/law would have been set by the Labour party or their best pals the Tories.

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      1. It is clear from the Orkney Islands Council website that the council is framing those Covid-related restrictions which impact on inter-island travel and on schools as ones that the council disagrees with.

        It is seeking to convince the residents of Orkney that these restrictions are being forced upon them unnecessarily by the Scottish Government.



  2. Yup, the Tory Medecine Show has come to town.
    Roll up, roll up.
    Maggie Thatcher magic economic elixirs.
    Cameroon mendicants de lux.
    Constipated?—DRossie will clean you out–quick!
    Borisimo snake oil–for the hard of thinking and Scorrish(sic) “journalists”!


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