Whose ‘special measures’ are these?

From BBC Leeds & West Yorkshire today:

A hospital for men with learning disabilities has been placed in special measures after there were “serious risks to patient safety”. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected Cygnet Woodside, in Bradford, in September following allegations of abuse by staff towards a patient.

It’s not clear from the report but it looks like the health board put the hospital into special measures and then has defended itself. Matt Hancock is not pictured nor spoken too. No Labour politician tries to claim credit.

A year earlier in Scotland, the Health Secretary is blamed by a Labour MSP and the health board is given no right of reply.

Regulars here will know that this is a regular feature of BBC Scotland reporting.

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One thought on “Whose ‘special measures’ are these?

  1. The ABC (BBC)
    Is the Alpha male of the Establishment media
    Wolf Pack
    But now in our case their teeth are broken and their howls weak,and more importantly they have no young eager cubs to replenish the pack that can hunt that ends up in a kill
    We are not Corbyn
    They have our scent and are encircling us
    But our votes in Hollyrood May shall only increase their hunger as their stomach contracts
    So expect one concerted frenzied attack from then on
    Which too shall end in failure and they will have to turn on themselves and survive by canalisbism as the rump of what remains of the UK descends into the mire that results from Scottish Independence
    For them the future is indeed BLEAK

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