SNP reputation not Marred by Marr’s smears

Andrew Marr leaves the BBC Broadcasting House in central London after presenting The Andrew Marr Show on 18 October, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

I know, Marr’s assault on the First Minister was after this poll but he and umpteen others have tried it before and I love this shot where he does an impression of a death camp commandant I feel I’ve seen in some film.

You remember the gist of the attacks from the teams at the Herald, the Scotsman and the UK press – Those stupid Jocks still support the Nats even though their performance is no better than in England.

Backed up with some selective stats, they slaver in the direction of an ever-patient FM.

Boy are we stubborn. See these:

Does any government anywhere get 75%?

Surely that new Tory leader is trusted?


What about Labour? They have nice leftist values?

Nearly! Well done everyone.

7 thoughts on “SNP reputation not Marred by Marr’s smears

  1. Lifts the spirits after yesterday’s bundle of negativity.. Commentators remarking this is a great achievement after 13 years but still unwilling to give credit – it’s our cult addled brains that don’t see how bad the SNP is. Off to watch Boris now for some light relief

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  2. Heard Emma Barnett on Radio 5 go off on a Brit Nat triumphalist rant because the UK had approved a covid-19 vaccine—-developed by an American company.
    Apparently we “Jocks” are supposed to doff our caps and say “G’bless old Blighty, we poor sods could NEVER have done this”.

    Barnetts father was a Brothel-keeper (whore-maister in Scots) in the Midlands apparently–nothing to do with her, but nice to know how her attitudes were formed..

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    1. I wonder what the UK will want in return for supplying Scotland with the vaccine? It won’t come free and it won’t come without BritNat conditions being met, just have to look at how they kept life saving PPE out of Scotland a few months ago. The EngGov sanctioned Scotland then and they will do it again if necessary.

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      1. I guess since it’s manufactured in Belgium, Scotgov could order and fly it direct to Scotland just as they did with PPE. If Johnson and Hancock block or delay Scotland receiving the vaccine, well it would raise quite a stink at home and abroad.

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    1. It was the jingoistic BRITAIN IS THE FIRST line I felt was what the BBC approach was. However, they were playing up the need for low temperature transportation and storage so that they could then blow the trumpet for the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.


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