Herald and Scotsman snubbed by SNP support at almost 60%

59.5%? It’s not good enough

While the image above was headlined in the Herald after the latest Savanta:Com Res poll undertaken on 23rd November, it was only one in a series over months of unflattering images combined with reports suggesting that this time, this time, the people would lose faith in the First Minister, her government and the SNP.

Poll after poll has revealed that the electorate does not give a stuff about any of their reports. I’m beginning to think some of it has actually been counter-productive. The huffy rants from Macwhirter, McLelland and Wilson cannot have been read and approved of by many.

The latest, when you take out the undecided, gives the SNP 59.5%, an unprecedented near 60% score for them or for any part of the UK.

Click to access Final_VI_20201124_Private.pdf

6 thoughts on “Herald and Scotsman snubbed by SNP support at almost 60%

  1. Printing coarse photos, only makes people unwilling to buy or read the papers. Leading to their own demise. Everyone knows the Editor is at it.

    75% of the Herald, dwindling, readers support Independence. Another own goal by the editorial.

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  2. They can easily manipulate photos, and often do, anyone remember the photo of John Swinney, was it the BBC? They reversed it so it looked like his left arm was raised like a nazi salute, and
    even put a shadow just under the nose to replicate a Hitler moustache! They can easily use software to drag the sides of a mouth down, or add in shadows, anything really, also the opposite like soft focus, tweek colours etc it’s subtle so it’s not obvious.
    BritNat media must be raging that the SNP are still the peoples favourite. They should get used to it.


  3. It always just makes them look petty and childish when they publish unflattering photos – it’s a stupid thing to do. I suppose it might titillate their normal range of readers, but I doubt it does anything to actually influence people.

    And certainly the investigation into the government conspiracy has not affected the SNP polling – this is good news, and likely means when the ministers and whole government are found to have conspired and used government and legal institutions to, politically, try to destroy Alex Salmond (and indeed, destroy his life), the SNP shouldn’t be affected greatly with the voting public.

    Having read quite a lot of the evidence given to the committee – and I really don’t expect anybody else to do it, nothing is clear, half of it is missing,,, well, it’s a morass and very difficult to make sense from – you can’t do much else but conclude a cover-up, a lot of lies, and a conspiracy – more to do with nothing else making sense, rather than clear proof though so we need to wait for the committee – and other investigations – conclusions.

    Kenny MacKaskill MP in the interview podcast by Tommy Sheridan clearly sets out the range of concerns about the whole affair (he doesn’t mention Nicola Sturgeon) and at the end, gives his opinion on why it shouldn’t affect independence in the slightest:


    It’s well worth a listen, for a summary of where we are at. He also sets out why there is nothing stopping the Scottish government publishing legal advice – they’ve done it before a few times. Whatever the case, it’s definitely not ‘open and transparent’ as the government claims to be being!

    Anyway, the SNP leadership are a bunch of lying, deceiving toe rags that need cleared out, and I’m greatly pleased that polling for the SNP suggests there won’t be a drop in popularity while that clear-out takes place. Anyone hoping for independence to happen in the next few years (not next century) should welcome this getting sorted – from a pragmatic point of view the SNP leadership is our greatest barrier to getting there at this moment in time. Time to move on.

    Unflattering photos and insulting name-calling is still, and always will be, unacceptable though!


    1. Oh look….a raging Wings Sycophant, trying to smear the SNP leadership…🙄🙄

      Who made you judge and jury ?

      Away back to you cesspit, yer homophobic pal fae bath’s ego needs a massage.


  4. Wings? Who mentioned Wings? GordonB? Other blogs are available.

    I have to say the quality of the comments on this blog has really deteriorated this year. I guess that’s what happens when the no-debate crew turn up at the door.

    Nobody is ‘trying’ to smear anyone – they’ve done it to themselves.


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