Fake News on care homes again and again and…..

In the Herald this morning:

FAMILIES have reacted with fury after elderly people were given just 10 days to share their experiences of care homes during the pandemic via social media for an official government-funded report. The Care Inspectorate posted a message on Facebook asking residents or those who receive home care to email or call to set up an telephone interview as part of its “People at the Centre” project. The post provoked an angry response from families who branded it a ‘sham consultation’ and ‘box ticking exercise.’

Read on and you get:

And of course:

The only sign of anything approaching the notion of families is:

Way down the page an expert contradicts the whole argument from the Herald:

So ‘angry families’ adds up to two relatives with unacknowledged links to the reporter both of whom, I suspect are out-of-touch on the extent to which the elderly can handled a tablet or to which carers can be trusted.

Sham? This report is a sham and fake news.

4 thoughts on “Fake News on care homes again and again and…..

  1. I doubt it breaches any ‘disability rights’, if access to support is offered. It’s crass of this reporter to presume older people are not computer savvy. As with any consultation, if people need help to access it or take part, then surely the families or carers could do that, or would they just rather complain and not bother. Independent advocacy, well at the moment that might be hard to arrange given that people are trying not to spread a deadly virus. It’s also unlikely an independant advocate could or would be called upon to help fill in a questionaire.
    The BritNat media are attempting to back the SNP into a corner, livid that people trust the ScotGov to deal with the pandemic and save lives. We can’t have that, there’s an election in a few months, so the attack dogs are out. Carry on BritNats, what a carry on, it’s desperate.

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  2. There was also an item in the Herald about care home inspections by the Care Inspectorate and their inspection of care homes. Apparently the owner of a privately owned care home or homes was complaining because the Care Inspectorate had carried out way more inspections of privately owned care homes than council owned and run care homes.
    Could it be that there were more problems in the private sector?

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