Public support draconian laws to save lives

The Scotsman, perhaps not surprising us, is out of touch with what many people think is ‘Draconian‘.

A poll this morning in the Herald, found:

An Ipsos MORI poll on 11th October found 61% in favour of the even more Draconian banning all travel into and out of the country with only 21% opposed.

As for Nicola herself being accused of being the Draconian one, only three weeks ago that nice Welsh Labour leader, Mark Drakeford, was threatening to ban the English from Wales! Mind you, ‘Drakeford?’ I wonder what that name is all about?

8 thoughts on “Public support draconian laws to save lives”

    1. I don’t think the owners are especially worried about that. They run these as propaganda sheets, as has become increasingly obvious over the past decade. Essentially, they are for the propagation of neoliberal economics and against redistribution of power.

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  1. Origin of name of Drakeford

    “Drakeford Family History
    14-Day Free Trial


    Drakeford Name Meaning
    English (West Midlands): probably a habitational name from a lost or unidentified place.

    Seems quite appropriate for his position and politics.


  2. The public will trust those in the Scottish government to do the dest for us, in spite of deflection and misrepresentation from the “Scottish” media.
    I say “government” deliberately because Boris (Chief liar for the Union) is on the box right now.
    “The UK government and devolved “administrations”.

    “Administrations” is a Brit Nat weasel concept, to place in our minds the idea that our elected governments aren’t real governments.

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  3. Not only the Hootsman but the Beeb site featuring two articles open for HYS with much the same tenor from the on call keyboard warriors, more interested in pointy sticks than discussing points..

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