If you’re confident of your facts why hide who you are?

Ian Lakin

Ian Lakin, former chairman of the pro-UK Better Together campaign in Aberdeenshire. was headline letter-writer of the day in the Herald, yesterday with:

as just Ian Lakin of Aberdeen.

Like Hugh Pennington, you have to wonder what he hopes to gain from concealing his membership of an anti-independence group. Does this concealment of one fact just reveal a deeper anxiety about those facts he want us to accept.

It seems ‘the lack of a currency, massive debt and a large fiscal deficit‘ make independence a ‘pipe dream.

Does he think if Unionists just repeat lies often enough people will believe them? Mind you, there was that Goebbels fellow and some research reported by the BBC:


English professor Richard Murphy has a series of easily digestible readings or videos to take away any worries we might have on any of these three matters:


Yes we would need our own currency and just like all the other countries who broke away from the UK, we could have one. Would it be difficult or take long? No, look at the Czech Republic and Slovakia. When they split it took one month to set up their own currencies. More:


Scotland has no responsibility for UK debts. More:

Fiscal deficit:

Scotland’s fiscal deficit is a myth based on GERS figures, unreliable estimates, developed for political purposes by the Tories decades ago and a ‘completely rubbish approximation to the truth.‘ More:

Why is GERS CRAp?


Listen to these and see any worry lines replaced by laughter ones.

Ian Lakin

5 thoughts on “If you’re confident of your facts why hide who you are?

  1. Wouldn’t Scotland use the pound, if they so wanted, even just until their own currency could be
    set up? The BritNats are again attempting to fool the people of Scotland into meekly accepting English rule while their country’s revenues and resources are raided, and a few crumbs sent back to Scotland, with utter contempt to add insult to injury. Scotland won’t be fooled again which is why the BritNats are so desperate. They should ‘get used to it’, Scotland won’t be going back in the box.

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    1. Upon independence Scotland COULD use the Pound Sterling – ‘sterlingisation’. But SHOULD it?

      Candidly, whatever currency proposition is put in the run up to a democratic event to decide on independence, British Nationalists/Unionists will seek to deride it and scare voters into rejecting self-determination because of it.

      One thing has become much clearer to me over the past year – thanks in no small measure to Richard Murphy’s Tax Research blog and more recently to Stephanie Kelton’s book ‘The Deficit Myth’ – is the huge difference in the modern world between being a ‘currency issuer’ and being just a ‘currency user’.

      This is also a great source of information on Scotland’s options: https://www.reservebank.scot/about

      The benefits of being a ‘currency issuer’ are being displayed before our eyes nowadays in the UK as HM Government/BoE’s magic money tree sheds its fruit as often and in as much quantity as a Tory Chancellor requires. (Makes you wonder about the necessity of the Tories’ previous, damaging but much proclaimed policy of austerity!)


  2. If it looks like a Toff
    Writes like a Toff
    It is a Toff!

    What the Proud Scot’s No Thank You brigade need to realise is that
    Better Together. . .really means. . Better for Toffs

    Thanks John for revealing who this bloke is.


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