Because she is too bloody popular, Richard 6%?

Richard Leonard gets a free pass from the Scotsman to attempt an essay on why Sturgeon should not be doing the briefings:

His thesis is that she’s not doing well but his true purpose is naked. She’s doing too well and making him look bad or, to be honest, nearly invisible.

Back in January 2020, even before the briefing boosted her ratings:

On the matter of trust in politicians’ statements about Scotland’s future, only Nicola Sturgeon was in any way trusted with 46% for and against her, improved from 52 to 41 against her in 2014. For the others, it was all bad news, with heavily negative scores:

Trust               Do not trust

Gordon Brown             28                    53

Ruth Davidson             31                    49  

Alistair Darling,           16                    48

Jackson Carlaw            8                    37

Richard Leonard                             38

Willie Rennie               18                    39

Boris Johnson              18                    71

Jeremy Corbyn            14                    73

YouGov January 27th 2020

3 thoughts on “Because she is too bloody popular, Richard 6%?

  1. Many people will be content with a quieter Christmas. A more relaxing time. Instead of having to invite everyone round. Especially if Granny is kept alive and can still arrive in a huddle bubble. It can be staggered. Smaller groups. Might start a trend. Go back to basics again. Zoom is a boom or internet. Contact can be kept for those interested. A walk or talk. Activities shared under distancing rules.

    Christmas can be totally over the top. People can still get to the shops. Or get stuff on-line. People get off work at Christmas. Non essentials shut down. Isolation. More people can relax. Until a vaccine is found.

    Even the BBC admitted defeat in trying to cancel the Corvid information broadcast. Not very often that happens. Tricky Dicky should take note.

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  2. Oddly, given their trust ratings, Davidson, Broonie and Darling are the people the Brit Nits WANT to be front and centre of Better Together2 come indyref2.
    I’ll go with that.
    I would also have Wee Whistling Duggie in there somewhere—perhaps carrying Boris’s bags–though he would have to elbow Hi Jack out the way first.


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