Never let the facts get in the way of a good story

The apparently trusted FT has a ‘Scotland Correspondent’ in Edinburgh.

Mure Dickie has read the latest report on deaths in care homes which: ‘found no statistical evidence that discharges of hospital patients — including those found to have the virus and thousands more who were not tested — had caused outbreaks in care homes between March and May this year.’

After months of media reports featuring Scottish opposition party politicians trying to blame the SNP Government, this confirms what similar studies in England in Wales have already shown.

Any reasonable interpretation of these findings is that they have reduced pressure on the SNP and increased them on the private care home sector.

If the discharges were not to blame for the deaths then the blame lies somewhere within those care homes and, in particular, as the report reveals, in the larger corporate-owned ones.

Yet Dickie, like many others to come no doubt, ignores that and finds solace in the fact that:

Dozens of hospital patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 were discharged into care homes in Scotland, according to an official report that follows fierce criticism of the Scottish National party government over high coronavirus death rates in such institutions.

So, it seems it does not matter that these patients caused no harm because of the longstanding infection control procedures to be expected there. Nor does it matter, it seems, that the owners of these homes freely accepted the patients in return for the high fees they charge, knowing that they had infection control procedures in place

Dickie goes on to write as if the report’s conclusion had never been published.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story?

3 thoughts on “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story

  1. ABC Text has “Nicola Sturgeon, however, said there was “no statistical evidence” hospital discharges led to care home outbreaks.”
    This partly implies it was Nicola’s opinion.
    The text should be : The independent report stated that “… the estimated risk of an outbreak associated with hospital discharge reduces and is not statistically significant.”
    The thing being it was the independent REPORT which stated this.

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  2. At the time little was known about the virus. Or testing procedures. Westminster Gov had kept it secret. Not followed their own guidelines and rules. They had disbanded the procedures, guidelines and rules pertaining to a pandemic. To ‘concentrate’ on Brexit. To try and get it ‘delivered’. Despite being warned in 2016 a pandemic could be evident or imminent. The procedures and protocol were disbanded and ignored. To save monies?

    The health authorities proceed to discharge patients with less urgent ailments into ‘safe’ care. To make more room for seriously ill patients. To keep people safe. Unfortunately it is the elderly with underling conditions that were, and would be, more prone to fatalities during a pandemic.

    The Health authorities maintain these policies eg at Christmas. Many people are discharged, as possible, so they can spend time with their families. To benefit patients. Non urgent patients. Even if they have to return later.

    Same at holiday time, in the summer. People take their arranged, booked holidays. Then go into hospital for procedures. If less urgent, The health authorities are informed of the arrangements and work around it.

    With less knowledge of the virus because of Westminster neglect. Elderly patients were discharged in their best interest. They would be less likely to pick up infection. Being discharged into relatively perceived safe care. To avoid infection. Even if patients had stayed in hospital there would have been fatalities. There will still be Inquiry into the outcome. For future knowledge.

    1000 people died on average, every week in Scotland. On average more in the winter. 50,000 a year. Mostly elderly from old age. Average life expectancy. 79. Women on average outlive men five years, worldwide. It peaks during a pandemic.

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  3. Interesting to note that the report came to broadly the same conclusions as a report into the discharge of patients into care homes I.e. the size of the care homes had more of an effect than any other factor.

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