Bias by Omission: Brian Taylor misses out the key point in the News

Today at Holyrood, reporting on First Minister’s Questions, BBC Scotland’s Brian Taylor told us:

She [the FM] was also questioned very closely indeed about the impact on care homes of transfer from hospital of patients who either had not been tested or had tested positive for Coronavirus.

He did not tell us that the report being used by opposition politicians to question her very closely had concluded that those ‘transfers’ played no statistically significant part in the outbreaks in care homes and, in his terms, had no meaningful impact.

The omission of the key conclusion of the report to protect the opposition from the demolition of their campaigns to lay the blame for care home deaths at the door of the Scottish Government is bias by omission in its clearest form.

It will not be sustainable to claim that there was insufficient time within a 15 minute episode to refer to the key conclusion from a major report forming the basis for the described questionning.

10 thoughts on “Bias by Omission: Brian Taylor misses out the key point in the News”

    1. Why has none of these so called reporters been aware that the advice to put patients EVEN if testing positive for covid into care homes the actual advice given by the UK government at the beginning of the pandemic in the UK, yet no one raised thus at the time ?This was changed buf the thinking was that care homes were the safest place where all new entrants were supposed to be quarantined. Perhaps the reluctance to blame care homes and the desperation to attack NS is more prominant in some minds . The mistake in going along with UK advice is more an accurate description of whst happened.


  1. The opposition MPs appeared to be demanding an alternative report which would give them the political ammunition they were seeking.
    I suppose they have to be seen to be opposing something.


    1. That’s what it seems to be judging from the ranting bluster from the Labour numpty of Call Kaye, this morning. Even Kaye felt obliged to challenge his nonsense.


  2. Maybe the least-biased against the SNP, within Pacific Quay, but, Prof, did you really expect, on his final show before finally saying taraloo the noo, that he would deviate from SNP Baaaddd!!!


    1. Kenneth Macdonald, was, by far, the least biased. Indeed, I would go as far as to say he might smile on independence!


  3. Sadly Brian did his swan song without batting an eyelid, always adhering to what Spin-Central promote, and let’s be honest, they’ve been flogging this particular dead horse for over 6 months and Scots’ reaction remains did ye? aye…
    Tory HQ are so desperate to prove SG incompetence with their pet media continuing the schlock and awe that they’ve boxed themselves into a corner. They tried the same over incontinent pigeons long after they flew the roost after the public saw right through it, this is little different.
    All they’re actually achieving is alienating folk and making some angrier.


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