Scotland does very well in PiSA TESTs! Hear that silence?

You remember how much the Scottish media and their opposition party feeders love PISA scores when we’re allegedly doing badly in narrow wee tests of the 3 R’s which serious educationists have no time for? Hear the silence as the latest PISA scores come in we are near the top of the table.

Today, we hear:

In 2018, Scotland participated in the innovative domain for the second time – global competence – and this report represents the results of that assessment.

Global competence is defined as:

A multidimensional capacity that encompasses the ability to examine global and intercultural issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives and viewpoints, interact successfully and respectfully with others, and take action for collective well-being and sustainable development.

You can get an explanation in the full report but the headline point is:

We came 3rd out of 25 countries with a score of 534 against an average of 474!

Full report at:

5 thoughts on “Scotland does very well in PiSA TESTs! Hear that silence?”

  1. Baddďdddddddddddddd SNP
    how dare they educate the young to be inquisitive with the peoples and the world that surrounds
    All so they comprehend how The World goes
    Around and interact in with empathy for a better future
    Control of education MUST be returned to
    Westminster all so they are given the full
    Delusional Britania treatment,denied Scottish history ,the glory of the Empire and how we will forge ahead together to conquer all that stands in the way
    All moles shall be whacked
    New propaganda thought control dept to be set up
    And to show that they serious A Ministry of Funny Walks for Scottish Children implemented straight away

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  2. It will be interesting to see how much noise is made of the PISA scores when they next come out because of course the final scores are arrived at by use of a computer algorithm. After the exams ‘fiasco’ everyone should be well versed in the shortcomings of algorithms.

    Not really surprised by this latest news. If you read down into the fine detail of the PISA reports rather than go with the headline scores you find that Scottish Pupils more than hold there own on what might be described as the ‘discursive’ elements of the PISA process

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  3. Like all such reports, there is scope for ‘data mining’ to select a datum which shows Scotland in a bad light and then present that out of context, with a quote from a ‘friendly’ pundit.

    The other line that might be used is that the dimension being reported on is a new fuzzy/touchy-feely thing and not hard data like reading counting and science.


  4. Any good news for Scotland’s people and the ScotGov is very very bad news for the BritNats and their compliant media, and especially for the EngGov who are failing in every area of government, and who knows what they do with people’s taxes. The Tory/red Tory government imposed on Scotland govern only for their own interests, and sometimes that benefits some regions of England, if they don’t disobey any rules that is.
    The UKOK is a regime, Scotland needs to get out in order to escape worse to come, much worse. There is only one way to do that, it’s called independence and while the ScotGov are dealing with a pandemic, we need to work on ‘getting our country back’, (isn’t that what a Tory said re Brexit?) or be ruined by a viciously out of control neighbour.


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