Multiple? Oh come on! Stop it!

There are at least 36 wards in Ninewells Hospital. Three have been closed to new admissions and visitors after ‘a small number‘ of cases of covid-19 infection were discovered.

So, come on Caitlin Hutchison (14) of the Herald, left, people are going to be disappointed after they click on your article and find it’s only three and that they’re not really closed, just closed to visitors and new admissions.

Ah, you still get the advertising revenue regardless of their disappointment, once they’ve clicked?

Do you think your headline might discourage some anxious folk from attending? Might some then get worse, even die?

Is this the Herald’s trusted, quality journalism?

8 thoughts on “Multiple? Oh come on! Stop it!

  1. Sickening thing is these story tellers, twisting facts, we know are delighted to be reporting cases of infection in Scotland, be it care homes, hospitals, a single factory, anything that isn’t a pub, or hotel is good news for the media and they spread bad news like wildfire when it comes to attacking the SNP. When it comes to spreading bad news about the EngGovs’ criminal actions in handling this pandemic, nothing, silence.

    The nasty BritNats dine out on infection and deaths in Scotland, while in fact contributing to those infections and deaths by misreporting, lying and sowing seeds of doubt where there should be clarity. They are an absolute abombination to decency, democracy, and in fact humanity.
    Despicable people who make their living out of this as well, utter lowlifes.

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  2. A simple and quick Google search reveals that every year hospital wards all across the UK i.e. in the different NHS ‘systems’, experience temporary closures due to outbreaks of e.g flu or norovirus. This is not exceptional, albeit in each case regrettable.

    A Google search also throws up over the past 10 years evidence of NHS England hospital ward closures due to Tory austerity.

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  3. Damned for doing to much, whilst damned for not doing enough, there is no winning for Scotland according to our media, does anyone even believe their pish.


  4. The Herald, once again using Sansational, Tabloid style headlines. They are quickly losing credibilty by adopting the tactics of the SUN, MAIL, and EXPRESS.


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