Scottish Labour reveal Scottish Government ahead on Adult Learning

Gray pictured with Professor Higgs at the official opening of the Large Hardon Collider exhibition at the Scottish Parliament in 2013. Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

In the Scottish Parliament on Monday, Iain Gray (East Lothian) (Scottish Labour), clearly not up-to-date on developments in Scotland, looking south as they do, asked the Scottish Government what plans it had to introduce a plan to support adult learning similar to the Lifetime Skills Guarantee that has been announced by the UK Government.

The the Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health was able to inform Mr Gray:

Prior to the UK Government announcement on the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, a commitment was made in the Programme for Government to progress a Lifelong Learning Strategy in the coming year. Covid-19 has highlighted the challenges faced by adults and young people disproportionately affected by the pandemic. We need to do more to make sure Scotland’s most marginalised learners are not further disadvantaged by this pandemic. Ensuring Community Learning and Development can be integrated into Scotland’s wider education and skills system will play a vital part in Scotland’s economic recovery. This will help the Scottish Government in our ambition to provide people with the right level of support, to achieve the right skills, at a time when they are needed most.

Click to access WA20201019.pdf

A source told us that Mr Gray has promised to pay attention in the future.

9 thoughts on “Scottish Labour reveal Scottish Government ahead on Adult Learning

  1. England HQ’d Labour branch office in Scotland work hard to earn their crust indeed, not a waste of public money at all. What a shambles they are, can’t even keep up to date with what the Scottish government are doing for the people of Scotland, still, if they did do so, they’d have no more useless questions to ask, ‘what plans it has to introduce a plan’, that’s a good one Gray!
    UK Labour branch in Scotland know all about plans, they had plenty they planned to ‘introduce” had Scotland not voted them out years ago. ‘Plans’ like selling off Scottish water to private companies for eg, or plans to close down Edinburgh’s major research and teaching hospital, the Western General. Aye Labour branch in Scotland have a few questions to answer about their PFI scams as well, plunging Scottish councils into £billions of debt for decades to come.
    Labour branch office, what did they do with the budget in the ten years they had in power at Holyrood? Nothing good for Scotland, the good for nothing party.

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  2. The Westminster unionists ConDems (+Labour) cut Education £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. £30Billion, introduced £9000 fees elsewhere.

    The Scottish Gov had to mitigate these cuts. Life long learning is guaranteed in Scotland, without massive student fees. Instead of unionists policies which meaning students having to pay a higher cost for education, Not according to ability but ability to pay. People in Scotland can study at much less personal cost. There are access courses to education, 20% of mature students.

    The SNP changed the Labour household means testing for a student loan. Now most students get the full loan as a right. Instead of unemployment benefit. Students with straight A’s were prevented from going to uni because of lack of financial support. Students from lower income household also get a Grant. The inequality educational gap is closing. Apprentices are providing a skills link for life long learning. Tradespeople can make a comfortable living,

    Labour illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud cut funding for education. Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. More uni and colleges than anywhere in the world. 15 uni plus colleges. 5.3million pop. One of the highest ratio in the world pro rata,

    Scotland’s education system would be even better without the Westminster Treasury colossal, interference and mismanagement of the economy. Brexit will affect the education system to it’s detriment. Already EU staff and lecturers are leaving, EU and Foreign students are not returning, but going elsewhere. Less reciprocal courses or exchange visits.,Travel broadens the mind.

    Students graduating without having enormous debt. Debt they cannot pay back ruining the economy and people’s lives. It just leads to anxiety and worry. Education brings huge benefits and skills to the society. People in Scotland will continue to support an affective education systems.

    Scotland was one of the first countries to have tertiary education. Scotland commitment to lifelong learning continues with support. Scottish invention and discovery changed the modern world. Innovation is renewables etc leads the world. Oil and gas technology interchangeable skills. A highly educated population helps the economy and the wider world. Despite the unionist parties lack of support.

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    1. Excellent comment. A positive endorsement and people need to wake uup to this because it will all be reversed post Brexit if Scotland does not escape cesspit UKOK asap, like yesterday really.


  3. Bullet points of Scottish Labour’s 2019 manifesto. Notice any problems here?

    “Key points:

    All primary and secondary pupils in Scotland to be given free school meals
    Invest £100bn in Scotland over a 10-year period
    Build 120,000 new council and social houses, as well as spending £6bn to renovate existing homes to make them more environmentally friendly
    Raise the minimum wage from £8.21 to £10
    Stop state pension age rises
    Free broadband for everyone
    Nationalise key industries such as the railways
    Not agree to any request from the Scottish government for the powers to hold a second independence referendum in the “early years” of a Labour government
    Renegotiate a Brexit deal within three months and hold a public vote on this within six months”


    1. I don’t think we need to see those Sam, it’s an ad for Labour, no thanks! For a start NO one believes a word they say, and they are a complete and utter irrelevance in Scotland, so their er, ‘manifesto’ is not worth the corrupt computer it’s freakin written on! Lying scheming troughers the lot of them!


      1. The point of posting it was to invite you to spot how many Scottish Labour would actually be able to introduce. A number of proposals involve reserved powers.

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  4. Exactly Sam , I am 64 I used to vote Labour I attended miners gala Durham tony benn etc etc but my eyes were opened in the 1980,s when Labour started to agree with Conservative decisions and policies .

    Labour and Conservative are now identical


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