118 998 Old Firm fans stay home!

There are times now when I see a Herald headline, I say to myself:

No, they didn’t, did they? Really? No. Don’t be daft.

But they did. Desperate for something, anything on the rumours that Old Firm fans were going to reject the Scottish Government’s edict on travel in and out of higher infection areas, they find two, yes two, and headline them.

The real story is staring them in the face:

Old Firms fans see sense in First Minister’s orders and stay home.

Why didn’t they ask a few they know personally, why they didn’t all go to Blackpool?

BBC Scotland were clearly so disappointed, they stopped talking about the story altogether.

4 thoughts on “118 998 Old Firm fans stay home!

  1. What did the two lonely fans do to be arrested in England? Scotland needs to close the border, (I know that’s a reserved power to EngGov so it’s a pie in the sky idea) so the Carlisle police are not inundated with two lonely ‘Scots’ up to no good (?)…sure they were not agent provocatuers anyways? It’s certainly handy for the media to make a song and dance about it while ignoring the fact the Scottish football fans are very responsible folk in the main! Poor Northern England having to keep the (two) unwieldy ‘Scots’ at bay eh!

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      1. ^ this exactly

        people (idiots) from Dumfriesshire have been going for weekend benders in Carlisle whenever there are any different rules on pubs, regardless of any football


  2. As far as ABC and this story concerned
    Me thinks they are the pet shop owner and the old firms fans have confronted them
    With the dead parrot they were sold
    But alas soon it will be that the ABC are the dead parrot


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