Daily Record’s FAKE story on contact tracing ‘failures’ to undermine reputation of Scotland’s world-beating system

This is one of the worst pieces of journalism I’ve seen for some time and that’s saying something.

The Daily Record reporter has based his report on watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Googling a few older stories.

At the very end, we read that this anonymous guy, alone in Glasgow flat, might just be, not so much a ‘Scots contact tracer’ as a ‘contact tracer living in Scotland’ working for an NHS England contract, like the ones in the Motherwell call centre outbreak:

It is unclear if the anonymous contact tracer is employed by NHS Scotland, the UK Government or a third party firm.

Given that the Scottish teams are based in local authorites and health boards, I think we know.

Before that, the reporter treats us to a tale of the waste, inefficiency and ineffectiveness we know is all too true of the situation in England where the contracted out system struggles to contact 70%, far less in Lancashire or Yorkshire, while the Scottish system typically hits 95%, 97.3% in Aberdeen!

Not, of course, mentioning the success of the Scottish system, Morrow regurgitates Jackie Baillie’s playground taunt to Jeanne Freeman that fewer contact tracers have been recruited than first promised.

Would that be because, duh, we don’t need them?

4 thoughts on “Daily Record’s FAKE story on contact tracing ‘failures’ to undermine reputation of Scotland’s world-beating system”

  1. The MSM now seem to be making a collective effort to break the cohesion and compliance with lockdown measures in Scotland if their articles over the last week or so are anything to go by. And it is not just in Scotland but throughout the UK although the Scottish MSM is more blatant in its attempts to undermine people’s support for the various measures.

    The Herald for example with its daily front page articles on some aspect or other of Covid’s effect on NHS Scotland’s routine services. Plus today McWhirter’s column and his £500 dental bill.

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  2. Agreed, but I’d go further than call it dreadful journalism, his “It is unclear if the anonymous contact tracer is employed by NHS Scotland, the UK Government or a third party firm” is Daniel Morrow’s creation alone – From the original story onward, NONE were left in any doubt who this tracer was working on behalf of, NONE, until Daniel Morrow.
    He knows, and he lied.

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  3. BBC’s Radio Station based in Scotland

    Listenning to John Beattie, Drivetime, very high level of anti Scot Gov. Bias . . . Asked several times ” Does Scotland now have the strictest Lockdown in Europe” was he asking or suggesting?

    Belguim has closed down it’s bars and resturants for one month. So there’s one country with a much stricter lockdown than Scotland, that this non journalist came up with.

    JB’s good at bringing on business people affected by Covid Restrictions , but he is unable (unwilling more like) to balance this out with any information from Scot Gov .
    Jason Leitch has previously said that at current rates we will be back to the levels of infection we had in March.

    IMHO JB is currently up there with the BBC’s top Propagandist’s

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  4. England’s Westminster propaganda war against Scotland
    Turncoats bide in every country across the world
    But it’s not a happy way to live
    Telling lies to help a winning side is so much easier
    than telling lies to help a losing side

    JB and the others are finding that the road is narrowing fewer listeners
    means less security in the job
    Only the oldies survive
    The younger ones have already left

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