‘Lower risk profession’ teachers warned not to throw themselves under a bus!

In a familiar show of the herd instinct in the educated (THITE), 600 EIS reps in schools want to stampede for home because schools haven’t arranged class sizes of 2 or less for them.

Prof Chomsky, way back, showed that graduated folk are more likely to believe what they read than un-graduated workers who have learned through bitter experience, not to trust their supposed betters.

Here’s the evidence ignored, of course:

Teachers are not at an increased risk of dying from Covid-19 compared with the general working-age population and are in a lower risk profession, the government’s UK chief medical officers and their deputies said today. In a joint statement, summarising the latest evidence on health risks around schools reopening, they say that “current international evidence” suggests that transmission of Covid-19 from school-age children “to parents or other adult family members is relatively rare compared to transmission from adults“. 


The message is clear:

Don’t fear the wean/bairns but stop gathering with your mates for a coffee or a stiff one. Oh yes, that reminds me, no more than one member of staff allowed in larger walk-in storerooms at any one time!

Footnote: Is the Herald’s Martin Williams using my pieces as a guide to headlines? Earlier, he uses ‘duplicity’ after my unique use of it that morning and now ‘thrown under the bus.’

Once more Google is on my side:

Does this make me one of those social media ‘influencers?‘ If he grows a goatee.

2 thoughts on “‘Lower risk profession’ teachers warned not to throw themselves under a bus!

  1. Are we swallowing the UK propaganda here?
    The emphasis is on risk of dying rather than infection with possible long term consequences.

    The article goes on to say:

    However, the statement also acknowledges that “this evidence is weak”. And it adds: “Teenagers may be more likely to transmit to adults than younger children.”

    Teachers should be very careful in a class of ~ 30 aerosol generating teenagers and take every mitigating action including face masks.


    1. Mr Larry Flanagan, General Secretary of the EIS, was a bit more circumspect when interviewed on GMS.

      It should be noted that the EIS, which represents the large majority of Scottish teachers has been on the committee planning the return to school and other contingencies like ‘blended learning’, since this was set up in the first half of this year.

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