SNP Government maintains progress on Primary attainment gap as it widens for first time in England

From the BBC today:

The learning gap between rich and poor primary age pupils in England has widened for the first time since 2007, analysis of government data suggests.

In the Holyrood magazine on 19th December 2019:

Scotland’s Chief Statistician has today published a range of statistics, including those on school pupils’ achievement of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) levels in reading and numeracy. The gap between the proportion of primary pupils in P1, P4 and P7 from the most and least deprived areas who achieved their expected levels in literacy and numeracy remains, although slight improvements have been made in literacy since 2016/17.,attainment-gap-persists-in-scottish-schools-new-figures-show_14861.htm

As demonstrated in the Spirit Level and as long-recognised by those of us who worked in schools, changes only within schools are likely to have limited and transient effects. What we need to close all gaps is a more equal society.

With that in mind, the Tory government’s trimming of welfare benefits and weakening of employee rights are coming home to roost and the SNP government’s efforts to moderate those effects through housing and welfare initiatives are visible.

8 thoughts on “SNP Government maintains progress on Primary attainment gap as it widens for first time in England”

  1. BoJo and his pals will no doubt take note and decide to follow Scotland’s lead,as they appear to be doing now with the health crisis.
    Scotland’s turn to lead the union?

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    1. Did STV make sure to point out that immigration powers are reserved to the government in England?
      It is absolutely horrendous, hell the EngGov starve their own poor people, they aren’t in a hurry to look after people who have had to escape to the UK for safety or anything like that.


      1. I Think they did, not 100% on that. Heard BBC report on it. The startling part of their coverage was reading out a statement from home office, how the welfare of asylum seekers was so important to them.


  2. Do they have ‘primary’ schools in England now? When we were in school there it was infants, juniors and then secondary school, not primary or high school as we have in Scotland.


    1. No idea but they now have a system of calling pupils ‘year 3’ or ‘year 10’ but if you don’t know at what age they start counting from, you can’t tell whether a particular pupil is primary, secondary or what stage they are, eg if taking public exams.
      Really confusing


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