Has BBC Scotland recognised Scottish success in infection tracing?

Image: Crusty Work Ltd

Don’t be daft. Of course they haven’t. I made that up. Pretty good eh? You can’t even see the joins.

For the evidence, see:



4 thoughts on “Has BBC Scotland recognised Scottish success in infection tracing?

  1. On a personal note, one of my relatives became unwell this week with what could have been Covid 19. Within a few hours she was given a test, and the following day was pronounced negative. First class response which I doubt could be bettered anywhere in the U.K.

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  2. This weeks Alex Salmond Show covers Covid-19. Guests Dr. Chris Smith Virologist Cambridge University Hospital and Prof. Hugh Montgomerie Director of dept of Human Health and Performance UCL .
    Ends on a warning about the future even with a vaccine.


  3. John,Once again showing up the hypocrisy of the British state.

    The UK military has been quietly building links with the Belarusian armed forces, including providing urban warfare training, despite the British government’s public criticism of Europe’s last dictator, Declassified UK has found.


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