Calls for Swinney to explain how so few returning pupils have Covid-19

There are more than 700 000 pupils in Scotland’s schools. At the time of writing, 8 or around 1 in 100 000, have been diagnosed as having Covid-19. My understanding is that 2 of them have not attended the schools.

All 8 are thought to have been infected in their communities and there is no evidence of any spread of the virus within the schools.

Despite this, our MSM is awash with excited accounts, of no informative value, only the potential, for unjustified anxiety and, of course, to feed opposition parties with something they can use to cast doubt on the ‘SNP hasty return to schools policy.

Opposition politicians are no doubt gathering over coffee to mutter:

‘Only 8? We need more than that. There must be more. Has Prof Sridhar said anything about this that we can attack instead?’

5 thoughts on “Calls for Swinney to explain how so few returning pupils have Covid-19”

  1. Another former Radical Communist Party member, Munira Mirza, is head of the Downing Street policy unit, and probably Johnson’s most important adviser after Cummings apparently!

    “Other RCP veterans, such as Frank Furedi, Mick Hume and Brendan O’Neill, are fixtures in the Tory press and its associated journal, the Spectator. For decades they’ve also organised a profusion of post-RCP organisations, including the magazine Living Marxism (later LM), the website Spiked, and the Institute of Ideas”


  2. I see ABC give Murdo Fraser a platform to repeat unsubstantiad allegations made at the trial and subsequently ruled inadmissable by the AS enquiry chair.

    No doubt they’ll continue to broadcast ‘inadmissibles’


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