Only SNP politicians are targeted

Regular readers must forgive the repetition but in doing this, I build an evidence base, going back years.

The SNP politician allegedly responsible for young hopes destroyed is fearlessly displayed above by BBC Scotland but his equivalents in Conservative & Unionist England, Labour Wales and DUP/SF Northern Ireland get away with it again and again

Earlier evidence:

4 thoughts on “Only SNP politicians are targeted

  1. Indeed, as of this morning the same Bauld “missing data”and Swinney “survives” stories dominate the Scotland/Politics page, day 12 in Swinney’s case ?
    Only in NI did Weir become a feature 2 days ago, and despite the rising furore over exam grades, still no politician photos for the other two nations.
    I’ve noted the Scotland site stay dormant for days previously with such negatives, presumably unless another SG/SNP-bad story comes in or is created, they let it sit, or do the propaganda team get weekends off ?

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  2. Bob Lamont
    You ask as to whether propaganda teams
    Get the weekend off
    Answer NEVER when they appear quiet
    Then it is only due to scraping the bottom
    Of the shit barrel and the one and only barrel they have
    But little do the lackeys know that it is their own shit they are scraping
    But come Indy we must ensure the only shit they are associated with is that of the toilets in supermarkets
    And as the only form of employment that matches their skill set
    But more importantly the punishment must be equal to the crime
    Give them a wee sniff of their fate by Not Paying The ABC Licence fee NOW
    Let them know that ALL actions have consequencies
    Bad actions= bad consequencies
    A universal unavoidable truth

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    1. Surprised your sarcasm alarm didn’t flatten the batteries over “do the propaganda team get weekends off ” line, might I suggest you swap the cheap chinese sensors the Tories are busy promoting for the analogue (nose) version ? 🙂
      Otherwise yes, karma is calling…


  3. There’s no mystery in this. Scotland is rattling the British Establishment, so Scotland must be attacked and undermined at every turn in a desperate effort to prevent another referendum on independence. The English Propaganda Corporation is one of the main weapons being deployed by the British State. Others include the 77th Brigade, GCHQ, the ‘intelligence/security’ service and of course all of the mainstream media available in Scotland and across the UK. With all the Westminster based parties (except the Greens, so far) of course acting as one to address their perceived threat to the allegedly ‘precioussssss union’.
    So, aye, they’re rattled.


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