Evidence slower exit from lock-down not damaging economy

According to Scott Wright in the Herald:

BELLWAY has declared demand for its new homes in Scotland is “positive” despite lockdown conditions on construction sites easing more slowly north of the Border than in England.

Further investigation in Scottish Construction Now‘s site reveals:

However, Bellway added that customers’ interest was increasing, with private reservations rising to 140 per week last month, compared with 162 per week a year earlier. The firm also has a ‘strong order book’ comprising of 6,588 homes, compared with the 4,878 homes on order in 2019, with a value of £1,760.2 million (2019 – £1,223.9 million). 


One thought on “Evidence slower exit from lock-down not damaging economy”

  1. This is of no surprise whatsoever
    As the most basic and fudamental principle of all business and particularly
    In the long term
    Is down to 1 word that both provider and consumer deploy in all dealings
    And that word is TRUST
    when it comes to a matter of conducting business by both parties in a most dangerous of times then such TRUST is of the utmost importance
    This is not profound economic or rocket science it is one of Biological, Evolutionary & hard wired genetics of the
    Human Species
    But alas GREED is 1 of the 7 deadly sins that clouds out what nature gifts us all with and those who place greed in front of basic trust in this pandemic are and will
    Continue to lose
    Failure on behalf of the greedy to recognise this universal truth shall result
    In their certain failure
    E.G . D.Trump ,USA, Brazil & as far as we Scots cocerned The precioussssss UNION

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