Coronavirus: Following a UK-wide strategy would have caused 200 more deaths in Scotland in last 30 days

In May, BBC Scotland, the MSM and opposition politicians were positively drooling over this:

More than 2,000 coronavirus deaths could have been prevented if Scotland had locked down two weeks earlier, according to a new study. A team of epidemiological scientists at University of Edinburgh produced the findings, which feature in a BBC Disclosure investigation. They suggest the death rate in Scotland could have been reduced by about 80% with earlier action.

Where is the Disclosure team now? Has this kind of image below been spotted by them?

I feel sure they’re watching the Scotland row but have stopped at the 30 Day Trend in infections (blue graph) and are planning a wee trip to Aberdeen to interview the Tory/Labour unholy coalition who will blame the Scottish Government for their (Aberdeen’s) licensing committee’s errors.

Look along to the 30 Day trend in Deaths (red graph). See that wee blip? Put your reading specs on. Scotland had 1 death confirmed by a test in the last 30 days.

Look up. OMG what’s that? Wait, I thought we hadn’t really done much better? How many deaths is that in England in the last 30 days?

No surprise, the 30 day total figure is not easily found (readers?). There were 98 yesterday but the 7 day average at the beginning of July was 94 and is now 56, so conservatively, a 7 day average of around 70 for the last 30 days seems reasonable. That would be more that 2 000 deaths.

So, in crude terms, the covid-19 death rate in England was 2 000 times higher than in Scotland. England, of course, has 10 times the population so the rate, pro rata, is ‘only’ 200 times higher.

Had Scotland stayed with the preferred strategy of the Conservative Government, we too could have share in this bloody dividend with an extra 200 deaths in the last 30 days.

18 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Following a UK-wide strategy would have caused 200 more deaths in Scotland in last 30 days

    1. With regards death and how it may pertain to the ABC and how it may be delayed
      All in the Indy camp must do all in our efforts no matter how small MUST
      Which In fact (excuse the pun- ( FACT) which is intended ) And as far as Scotland concerned do your utmost to

      SPEED the Death of it up
      Care not whether painful or not
      Spare none and no Quarter given
      And start with non licence payment
      Tis the sharpest sword of all

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  1. This is all i could find.

    “Of the deaths registered in Week 30, 217 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 18 weeks and a 26.4% decrease compared with Week 29 (295 deaths), accounting for 2.4% of all deaths in England and Wales.

    The number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased across all English regions, except for Yorkshire and The Humber and the East Midlands; six of the nine regions had fewer overall deaths than the five-year average.

    In Wales, the total number of deaths was similar to the five-year average (one death fewer) for Week 30, while the number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased to seven deaths registered (from 11 deaths in Week 29), the lowest number registered since Week 12 when there were two deaths.”

    210 covid deaths in England in w/e 24 July, wk 30, and on a downward trend.
    284 covid deaths in England in w/e 17 July, wk 29.
    344 covid deaths in England in wk 28, w/e 10 July
    462 covid deaths in England in wk 27 w/e 3 July

    About 1450 covid deaths in the month?


      1. All the figures shown are from ONS taking the total to 1300. I guesstimated another 150 for wk 31 since the trend, for the moment, is downwards. (I just googled for the wk numbers.These are the most up to date figures as far as I know.)


  2. I’ve been logging the official figures on the UK gov website since late May (I know, really sad!). The total deaths in England over the past 30 days is 1950 – so your estimate of 2000 is very close.
    This means that compared to England Scotland has saved and estimated 194 lives (10% of 1950 – 1).

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  3. More from the ONS about excess deaths.

    “Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    For the first time, we’ve published comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries, regions and local areas from January to June 2020 and compared with the five-year average

    England tops and with a fat tail.






  5. Surveillance data from PHE

    This shows the Local Authority watch list areas in England with an upward trend of covid19 cases. These outbreaks could be managed if there was an effective tracing and isolating system in England. There isn’t such a thing and various local authorities are setting up their own systems (which work) and ignoring the centralised crap.


  6. Link.


  7. Here is a update on data as from UK.Gov
    Dashboard corona and excuse the length but not a rant
    When making comparisons this is the only source that applies = criteria to all 4 nations is UK.Gov daily dashboard therefore statistically it is of the highest importance that all data is from the same source and applied in exactly the same format across all areas
    Never ever seek advantage for your own purposes by doing otherwise as such is Invalid
    You cannot add cats and dogs to find out how many budgies there are
    The ABC & MSM are mixing and matching
    Figs and sources to construct a picture for propaganda purposes
    The most common one is used by ABC in a subtle clever manner
    They use Deaths for Scotland from ONS
    but for England they use UK.GOV
    Effect Scotland shows far more deaths disprortionally than England
    But it is almost impossible to use ONS figs
    From England because you are forced to use Excess deaths which you cannot with certainty attribute to Covid
    But you can do so with the Scottish data
    I have no doubt Westminster has deliberately engineered such It has their hallmarks all over it.How i wonder as to how ABC deploy this data
    No need to wonder tis bloody Obvious
    They have been TOLD to by their masters
    Who engineered the data reporting system
    So scientifically,stastically and factually accurately are the irrefutable nos
    UK.Gov dashboard corona
    From 2/7 to 7/8
    New Deaths

    England 2452 or 423/million of Population

    Scotland 5 or 0.91 / million of pop.
    And here is the MASSIVE clue as to why Westminster and ABC up to their deliberate mis information
    These figs. Tell you that for that most recent time period
    That England has a + 4760 % higher death rate than Scotland
    REPEAT + 4760 % higher
    REPEAT + 4760 % higher
    REPEAT + 4760% higher
    Why you ask i REPEAT
    Simple Because ABC MSM and many others REPEATwhat ABC report
    Know thy Foes
    Clever as they may think they are
    they just know how to manipulate so they appear to be facts which indeed they are
    But only pertaining to one side of the equation
    My maths teacher drummed it in
    What you do to 1 side you must also do to the other side
    Tis a very simple trick and sleight of hand they deploy
    Under no circumstances pay the licence fee because if you do then you are funding
    Such activity and keeping those doing so
    Being able to live a lavish lifestyle
    Just take a wee look at the salaries of their
    Not with my hard earned money will they


      1. Xaracen
        Thank you
        It should read as follows
        England 2452 new deaths ÷ 55.47 the population of England which yields 44.2 no./ million
        But still represents + 4760 % higher than Scotland with 5 deaths ÷ 5.5 which yields 0.91 no./ million
        Sorry typo error somehow
        Should have proof read prior post
        But my REPEAT of +4760% higher accurate and such is obviously the main point
        Imagine if this was the other way around they would be tattooing such upon our foreheads
        But all we hear is a total silence from them
        And we all know why they play games with the official statistics


  8. The Serco contract for its useless testing for covid19 comes up for renewal on 23 August, I believe. It will be interesting to see whether the contract is renewed. There is increasing hostility towards it from local authorities in England some of whom are setting up their own more effective systems.

    “In total, local authorities in eight of the 10 worst-hit areas in England have launched or are planning to launch supplementary versions of the government’s flagship test-and-trace system amid concerns that it is failing to reach the most vulnerable residents. ”

    Some of us might wonder why Serco got any contracts with the UK government.

    “So outsourcing giant Serco must surely be in real trouble, right? After all, it’s just “taken responsibility” for three counts of fraud and two of false accounting between 2010 and 2013 relating to its electronic tagging contract with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) which created a storm of controversy when it emerged that we taxpayers had been charged for the monitoring of people who were dead. Or in jail. Or out of the country.”

    Serco’s performance has been underwhelming to put it mildly.

    “Serco has had a rocky start with the system. In May, the company had to apologise after it accidentally shared the email addresses of nearly 300 of its tracers.”

    “The Sunday Times recently calculated that so far Serco and Sitel’s combined 18,500 Test & Trace workers had traced on average two contacts each.”

    “Just 55.4% of all contacts found through the Test & Trace system were reached and advised to self-isolate.”

    The contract renewal comes at an important time for the UK government. The Scottish government has asked it to co-operate in aiming to “eliminate” the virus. Schools in England are soon to re-open. The evidence, according to Dr Duncan Robertson, link above, is that schools are strong spreaders of the virus. Good planning, execution of those plans and an effective track, trace and isolate scheme are needed.

    The Independent SAGE group offers its own view.

    Independent SAGE recommends that contracts with Deloitte and Serco be ended (Sitel, too?). It says that there should have been an effective isolation policy in effect in February and accuses the UK government of malpractice.

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