Coronavirus in Scotland: Jackie Baillie should be ashamed for diversion claim

I don’t think we need those inverted commas do we? I think we’re all agreed that the Deputy Labour Leader in Scotland revealed a dark and dim nature.

In the Times today:

Scottish Labour’s deputy leader has been criticised for an “unbelievably out of touch” tweet suggesting Aberdeen’s lockdown was a deliberate diversion from controversy over exam results and Covid-19 deaths.

Baillie is either clinically paranoid or is so desperate to gain ground by whatever means on the SNP, she thought this was a good idea.

She has previous.

In 2017, she imagined that Richard Leonard had been in a plot to oust Kezia Dugdale. Leonard’s press officer described her thinking as ‘jackie baillie pish.’

8 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Scotland: Jackie Baillie should be ashamed for diversion claim

  1. Diverting attention from Jenny Laing and her mask-free, safe-distance free huddle, when greeting her coalition Tory chums leader Michael Gove and all his pals, up on a day trip form London.

    Did these Labour and Tory politicians spread the virus in Aberdeen?

    We await BEEB Hootenannie investigative reporting on this—-hahahaha—no I am joking.

    In the US of A they had “Deep Throat”, in Scotland we have “Big Gub”!

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    1. No. Gove and co did not start this latest spike in Aberdeen. They were up in Aberdeen last week but it was the weekend of the 26th July when one of the positive Covid cases visited the Hawthorne bar. Given the timing for incubation to first showing symptoms and/or testing positive then they were infected at least a week before their bar visit(s)

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      1. I never REALLY considered Gove to be the culprit here. My comment is by way of an exampler, typical of the absurdist scapegoating that is current in the Brit Nat media.

        The virus is the real culprit, and those foolish enough, to too stupid, to realise the consequences of spreading it.

        On any given day, that could include any of us.

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  2. She should be sacked for her comments, utterly disgraceful to undermine Scotland’s government in their work to actually stop people from dying from Covid19 for her own political gain. Bailey takes a huge renumeration from the public purse. Scraping the barrel and lacking in any decency, despicable.

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    1. Assuming there is no Recall Procedure in place at Holyrood like there is at Westminster?

      It would be fitting if Jackie Baillie as an MSP elected on the Constituency Vote (Hard to believe I know) could be forced to contest a by-election if 10% of her constituents sign a recall petition?


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    2. I wonder if the repeated attempts by the Tories and Labour to politicise the Scot gov response to the virus has had a real effect. Hard to know.

      I see and read that some of the dafter behaviour and pronouncements of Trump may be as a result of the early stages of dementia.

      No such excuse for Baillie. Political malice, lack of empathy and sociopathic tendencies

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