No call for Freeman to resign as only 0.0002% of Scottish chronic pain patients pay for private care in English clinics

From BBC Scotland in their long-running series ‘Scottish Labour says one or two cases is enough to damn NHS Scotland‘, we hear, today, of two patients with chronic pain who have felt the needed to travel to private pain clinics in England during the lock-down.

There are roughly 1 million sufferers of chronic pain in Scotland:,the%20centre%20of%20their%20care.

As far as I can see, there are no private pain clinics in Scotland.

After the above headline, with the speech marks around ‘forced’ when they should be around ‘patients’, given the number actually reported, we read:

Patients with chronic pain in Scotland say they are being forced to travel in agony for costly treatment in England because they can’t access it here. Pain relief services were put on hold four months ago to ready the NHS for the Covid-19 response. Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has said she is committed to resuming the full range of pain services as soon as it is safe to do so.

For a reminder of how this story fits the wider BBC narrative undermining NHS Scotland but based on unreliable, tiny sample, evidence, see:

4 thoughts on “No call for Freeman to resign as only 0.0002% of Scottish chronic pain patients pay for private care in English clinics

  1. You would think this overt bias would be open to a sting expose.
    Someone could pose as a child of an alien crossed with anyone with the remotest link to the SNP and they would publish it


  2. May I suggest that a form of the most severe chronic pain is on the rise within the Snr.ranks of the ABC and the symptoms that arise mainly occur within the cerebral matter
    And early but conclusive evidence strongly points to the cause is attributable to the constant nipping of the poor demented sufferers heads by their masters continually pointing out that they
    Are losing the propaganda war as the polls for Indy continue to rise for Independence and as such if they do not up their game ASAP then not only will they not be rewarded in the usual corrupt manner but will be dismissed to the wilderness of the staff canteen to serve and refresh their replacements


  3. My EU national civil engineer partner tells me the Queensferry crossing is lauded across Europe for its innovative design. Indeed, across Europe the bridge is seen in engineering terms as revolutionary. In Scotland, according to the media the bridge is substandard and a waste of money. The BBC is at the forefront of this nonsense. Ipso…

    Scottish people who wish to criticise the runnings of the NHS should be reminded that English medical practioners were wholly opposed to it and it was Scottish practitioners with the Glasgow template in mind who voted it through otherwise the NHS in Scotland which they becry and which is now under serious Tory threat would never have existed in the first place.


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