The MSM courtiers representing the reality of their own biases

The Chancellor somewhat beefed-up


The democratically-elected leader of the opposition

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The current and previous leaders of the most popular party in Scotland.

Steve Bell on Alex Salmond's EU speech – cartoon | Opinion | The ...

6 thoughts on “The MSM courtiers representing the reality of their own biases

  1. Here some facts and data entirely derived from UK.Gov corona dashboard
    For 1 whole month from 2/7 to 2/8
    And all figs.are per million of population
    Figs for Norway from

    New cases
    England = 353/mill.
    Scotland= 80/mill.
    Norway = 61/mill.
    So England pro rata + 4170% higher than Scotland
    And Scotland now almost performing as well as Norway

    New Deaths/ million
    England =38.85
    Scotland = 0.91
    Norway = 0.74
    So England pro rata +340% higher than Scotland
    And re.deaths Scotland on par with Norway who are considered to have the best health facilities in the World
    Will ABC or any MSM report this
    Facts are Facts
    Truth is Truth
    All of us at each & every oppurtunity hit the propagandists with such facts
    So please jot the nos.down and retain please
    The Figs have been treble checked for accuracy

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  2. Strange that the ‘we were only making a joke’ argument always make the progressives look bad and the regressives look good.
    They withdrew it but it wasn’t just the cartoon it was the whole clip which bigged up the tories. They can’t even see their own bias.


      1. I think you need to start from a basis that most English aren’t well-informed historically, geographically and politically. And I, having gone through the English Education system, include myself. That’s why I thought I’d better double-check.

        The problem when you’re that situation is that you don’t know that you don’t know. If they spent 12 financially ‘uncushioned’ months up here, away from a great deal of the propaganda, they’d learn a little.

        Some things I took from the comments were:
        1) They’re assuming the degree of hatred and bile from the Scots that they have towards the EU.
        Although that’s not the case, I do feel I have to point out that I have been to places (even things like a Runrig gig) where I kept my mouth shut around certain groups of people because of my accent. The Aberdonian I was with agreed that was a good call. When we moved up here, my son was bullied at school because he was English. (Till he got a local friend who said he was OK, so back off).
        Also, during indyref, NO posters/placards were wrecked and several people told me that they no longer even questioned YES voters let alone express a contrary opinion, due to abuse received. This didn’t apply to most people, but it was there.

        2) I think some people are running scared at the idea of a land border. ANY land border. (Though one person did mention building a big wall across the border. (At their expense?) Being an island race makes many people feel secure, I think.
        One person even suggested that Scotland would call the Chinese and hand over Faslane to them. Oh dear…

        3) An attitude you’d hope would have gone away is equating regional accents with intelligence. The further North you come from and the ‘funnier you talk’ the stupider you must be. So, obviously, by the time you get to Shetland… They’ve plainly never had a look at how the Shetland Islands Council dealt with the oil companies.

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