The Truffle Hound sniffs out tasty morsels for Indy-supporters!

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Brenda Steele regularly sends me far more links to stuff than I can actually use as posts but it’s all of interest to any who follow the blog. Here’s today’s stuff:

😊 typical Tories  – like WM they don’t do their homework. If we ever let them into Government, they will be exactly like BoJo&Co.
I see a few Tories have messaged me asking me to release the data behind quarantine decisions. I’d love to, it is UK Govt data so I can’t release it but I wrote to the UK Govt urging them to the publish the data. Still awaiting a response.

😊😊😊 all her stuff, except that I can’t figure out an angle.

Devi Sridhar. The same people complaining about having to do 14 day quarantine from Spain also complaining about schools maybe not going back full-time. It’s all connected…the lower the prevalence of the virus is, the more normality can happen.

Devi Sridhar. Eradication -> getting rid of every case of COVID on the planet. Only possible in long-term w/vaccine.

Elimination -> stopping community transmission within national borders. Imported cases will occur, but if identified quickly, can mean return to largely ‘normal’ daily life.

Devi Sridhar. Observation: Scotland let kids play in larger groups w/no distancing since 2 July & let outdoor contact sports go ahead (kids up to 17) since 13 July. Also holiday clubs. No big jump in cases from these activities. Points to importance of low community transmission.

*** also coveredby WGD

In keeping with the strategic emptiness which filled Ruth Davidson’s career – she’s come up with the snappy phase of “putting the boot in,” but nowhere explains what she thinks (a) the “boot” is, or (b) where it should be “put.” Truly a loss to the nation.

😁  UK press doing “oh look, a squirrel”

A thread exposing how BBC Scotland manipulated the findings of the ‘Russia Report’ to suppress criticisms of the UK Govt and manufacture fake news linking Russia to the 2014 Indyref campaign.

*** enjoyed but not blog material, I suspect.

Full Scottish – 26/07/2020

🤔  will prove Kate right.

The furlough scheme changes at the end of next week, because from 1 August firms have to pay ER NICs and pension contributions for their staff. That will be the last straw for businesses that remain shut. Sadly, a fresh avalanche of job losses will follow.

*** foot under the table  ENHS in great danger

A source close to the NHSX project – being done alongside the AI company that worked on Vote Leave told NewStatesmanoscwilliamsthat #Palantirwould be well placed to continue providing the service after the coronavirus outbreak ends

*** I supply some.



One thought on “The Truffle Hound sniffs out tasty morsels for Indy-supporters!

  1. These all come from which was my morning port of call today as desperately need to do some housework. This afternoon I’ll be going round a batch of other sites.

    By the way I wondered if there were female truffle hounds. From the site I found possibly not. Anyway truffle bitch doesn’t quits have the same ring to it.

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