Covid death rate in England now TEN times higher per head of population than Scotland

All graphs by Scotland Coronavirus Tracker:

In the last 7 days, weeks after lock-down easing across England, the number of deaths per million population there is 10 times higher per head of population than in Scotland, yet the Tories remain in the lead in every opinion poll.

Perhaps more significant as a guide to the future, the infection rate, below, is 5 times higher in England. The situation in Wales is even more worrying though much of this is concentrated in two meat processing factories:

One of the most emotionally satisfying images is this graph below showing zero deaths in 7 of the last 11 days.

Also cheering is this map showing most regions had no new cases yesterday:

I know it was a weekend statistic but a little bit of encouragement is deserved.

7 thoughts on “Covid death rate in England now TEN times higher per head of population than Scotland

  1. olin Angus
    · 9h
    The 25 Local Authorities/Council Areas in Great Britain that have seen the largest increases in mortality from all causes in 2020 compared to the previous 5 years:
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  2. That is indeed good news, not about England obviously – and I admit I was shocked by Wales, they had been doing so well before – but it does make me happy to see Scotland is whittling away at eliminating the virus. It is still here of course, and it takes weeks for any effects from the each lifting of lockdown phase to be known. All this wet cold weather will be good practice for what it’ll be like when winter starts too (it’s meant to get worse) … Hmph. Once people start flying round the world, and with leaky borders, though? It’s too early I think. The English PM is barking mad.

    John, did you see my comment in the previous article? Craig is hoping for some reporting on his court case – I’m sure it would lift his spirits to have any kind of commentary, and you are looking for a bit of distraction from the repetitive horror of BBC reporting, and one is never too old to try something new – in fact, retirement is the time to try many new things, maybe try and give it a go?

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  3. “Jack Shenker
    “There is no evidence to suggest there is or ever has been a coronavirus outbreak at Petty France”
    has insisted, wrongly.

    We now know that at least seven outsourced workers at the Ministry at Justice fell ill with symptoms consistent with coronavirus. Two of them died.”


  4. “During the pandemic, many of the cleaners, like Ernesta, have worked longer hours. Ava told me that on one of the May bank holidays, she had come to work, although her normal department was closed, and was sent to clean a different ward to cover a cleaner who was off. It was only when she finished that she realised it was a ward with Covid patients. “I left the ward and I saw it on the lift – ‘This lift only for coronavirus patients’.” She was amazed, and frightened. “They just sent me, they didn’t tell me: ‘Be careful this is a coronavirus ward.’” She should have been wearing full PPE – a medical-grade mask, proper gloves, a gown.

    The trust’s spokesperson told me that staff had been advised to ask the NHS ward manager for appropriate PPE. In other words, it was Ava’s responsibility to find the right protection. But Ava had never been to that ward before, and didn’t know who was being treated there. Her case struck me as typical of an outsourced worker’s predicament – floating between two organisations, employed by one yet working for another, neither quite covering the gap between the two where her own safety seemed to lie.”


  5. I noticed some pubs in england have had to close due to positive test results among their clientelle. This must be a record turnaround for testing assuming the punters were symptomless when they went out on saturday!


  6. The inability of the UK media or Kieth Starmer and Labour to hold the Tories accountable on the appalling death and infection rates is shameful.

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  7. The British Nationalist Scottish media have two default lines of attack whenever such data seem to indicate Scotland has, by some measure, proved to be significantly better than England.

    Firstly, they accuse those providing the evidence as claiming ‘Scottish exceptionalism’, with its hints of ‘the master race’. And, Secondly, to dig out some datum, which shows that Scotland is ‘no different from England.’

    However, if they unearth some datum which they think shows Scotland WORSE than England, then this is trumpeted. This is, of course, them accepting ‘Scottish exceptionalism’ – exceptionally bad, inferior and so unable to manage its own affairs.


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