99.9% of Scots parents don’t complain about blended learning

The above headline appears in the Herald today based on a self-selecting survey with around 3 000 ‘parents and carers’ taking part.

There are 1,452,240 pupils enrolled in Scotland’s schools so there are around 3 million biological parents in Scotland. There are are, of course, unknown numbers of grandparents and carers actively engaged in the schooling of their grandchildren.

So, roughly speaking, 1 in a thousand or more, at best 0.1%, of all parents or carers in Scotland, took part in this unscientific, self-selecting, thus statistically insignificant and unreliable, survey?

At the very least, given the constitutional issues dominating Scottish politics, any professionally conducted opinion poll would have ensured that around 50% of the sample were SNP voters.

2 thoughts on “99.9% of Scots parents don’t complain about blended learning

  1. As all of your articles expose John, these are just further brainwashing attempts by an M.S.M determined to do the British Establishment’s bidding, in what will be a futile attempt to stave off the inevitable, an independent Scotland.

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  2. The Britnats know which are the most emotive subjects with which to twist facts, tell lies and attack the SNP on, health and education. They have not succeeded very well with the health stuff, regarding SNP ScotGov handling of Covid19, so now they are turning in desperation to ‘schools’ and hospitals.

    It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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