SNP surge maintained!

From the full Panelbase poll, with 1 022, for 1-5 June, the above map approaches perfect coverage and the graph below soars satisfyingly:

If that’s not enough for you, see this table too:

The Panelbase poll for 1-5 June has the SNP at 53% for the constituency vote and 48% for the regional list vote.

Six polls in a row, this year, all at 50% or above, and up around 10% from last year can only be a trend and a good one too.

Conservatives and Labour are both now at around 20% and tending toward the kind of irrelevance that the Lib Dems have enjoyed for some time now.

Footnote: My dad would be disappointed to see his and my birthplace still blue.

7 thoughts on “SNP surge maintained!

  1. When a tide turns then NO ONE can possibly make it stop rising
    Hence all the objectionable MSM
    Tory,Labour & Liberal bleating
    They know they are in full retreat and have not 1 positive to offer Scotland and its future generations other than

    Food banks
    A drastic no deal brexit
    Work to you drop
    Dismantling of NHS
    Worst state pension in Europe
    Laughing stock of the World
    Broken promises
    Billions spend on a NOT independent Trident renewal
    Perpetual Tory right wing governance
    Plunder of our natural resources then blowing it on vanity projects
    Shoulders that could not carry a sack of feathers
    Spewing of state propaganda against us
    Destruction of small farming and fishing
    Continual misuse of our land by the gentry
    Our elected representatives to their Mummified mother of all parliaments
    Continually laughed,jeered & drowned
    Out by braying donkeys
    Impossibility of re incarnation of Guy Fawkes
    Public money contracts awarded not on competence but in the ability to squirrel monies away to tax havens
    Complete and Utter delusionalism
    Can any them deny any of what i speak
    Put them to the jury of 2021 Holyrood election
    Under no circumstances will the court
    Accept a verdict of not proven
    My case now rests

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      1. Sorry, poor editing – ought to be ‘aren’t we Better Together?’ or ‘are we not Better Together?’ Both were conflated in my ageing brain.

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  2. We must be ahead in the polls. The volume of vomit inducing negative stories in the “Scottish” media is clear evidence.


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