SNP at 54% in last three polls

I’m sure this look is a vote-winner!

Opinium on 4th June, with don’t knows removed has this

  • Con: 24%
  • Lab: 12%
  • LD: 7%
  • SNP: 54%
  • Greens: 2%

This comes days after YouGov polls on 25th and 18th May also placing SNP support at 54%.

Approval for the First Minister is staggering, based on the full UK sample of 2 002, with 94% of SNP, 64% of Labour, 61% of Lib Dem and even 26% of Conservative supporters.

Repeating several recent poll results this is damning for the leadership of the other parties and puts another nail in any notion of challenge to her position.

3 thoughts on “SNP at 54% in last three polls”

  1. “Up, and up, and up we go…………………………………….!
    But Dicky Leotard says NO.
    And, what England says, we have to do,
    until Scots say, get it right up YOU”!

    Ta ta. Enjoyed our stay, but now its time to run along.

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  2. When you think of all the restrictions forced apon the people’s of Scotland these past many generations,I would class this as a form of modern day slavery… It has to end !
    Independence can’t come quick enough for me !


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