Is white, privately-educated Leonard’s Scottish Labour too small to have BAME targets?

While formal targets may not be appropriate for smaller organisations, it is still in their interest to have a diverse workforce. The McGregor-Smith Review

While for some, Richard Leonard’s leadership win was a victory for the English-born, lower-middle classes in Scotland over the aristocratic Prince Sarwar, some have noted a distinct lack of diversity in the group.

A complete up-to-date image is strangely hard to find however this from 2014 makes the point:

Image: Daily Record

They’re not just white, they’re positively peely-wally!

Luckily, Baroness McGregor-Smith CBE, representing another minority group, Barons and Baronesses, made sure the above get-out-clause was there to protect teeny groups where it just wouldn’t be feasible to have much representation of BAME groups.

Scottish Labour has only 3 real MSPs with the others being ‘list’ or as some such as Brian Wilson have allegedly and unkindly called them, ‘jumped up cooncillors.’

One thought on “Is white, privately-educated Leonard’s Scottish Labour too small to have BAME targets?”

  1. Traditionally, balance in Scottish Labour has been between “the Orange and the Green”, elements.

    The old “whit skill did ye go tae” is still rife……”Oh, Fettes. Wid that be St Fettes by the way”?

    Private (public schools) education, the norm for Scopttish Labour these days, is a bit of a cop out, as they will all be Anglican, a kind of half way house.

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