Private schools for segregated boys and girls and elite universities: The reproduction of the BBC elite

Three independent schools for segregated boys and girls

From Deadline on March 11th, the seven contenders for the post of BBC Director General.

The seven, their school and university:

  1. Tim Davie: Independent boarding boy’s school and Cambridge University
  2. Charlotte Moore:  Independent boarding girl’s school and Bristol University
  3. Jay Hunt: Independent girl’s day school and Cambridge University
  4. Alex Mahon: Independent girl’s day and Imperial College London
  5. Jane Turton: School unknown and St Andrews University
  6. Simon Pitts: School and university unknown
  7. George Osborne: Independent boy’s boarding school and Oxford University

So, at least 5 of the 7 attended gender-segregated private schools, often boarding. Jane and Simon, I’m going to guess, try to hide their privileged education. Once again, Simon may be hiding his elite alma mater but the other six all went to elite universities, 3 out of the 7, to Oxbridge.

All English, none BAME.

3 thoughts on “Private schools for segregated boys and girls and elite universities: The reproduction of the BBC elite”

  1. A poll by Stuart Campbell found that 40% of Scots thought that health was a reserved matter. That wasn’t so long ago. It says much about the ability of the BBC in Scotland to inform and educate.

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  2. What else to you expect
    Private education main purpose is to produce a continuous stream of carefully
    Selected Indivuals to be accepted into the higher echelons of the State
    And all for the purpose that the ship of state sails on regardless by having all senior crew members on board as they hold course no matter what that the ship. Encounters that it
    Ensures a most pleasant cruise with outstanding outcomes and destinations
    Guaranteed if they FIT IN &COMPLY
    These are the very subtle dark forces we face
    They know full well that in a Indy.Scotland
    That these malign benefits will come under very serious threat
    They are so selfish and greedy they could not care less how poor the State becomes as the economic cake becomes ever smaller and smaller brought about by the final fall of Empire
    Because they ensure that their slice is always the largest piece and the others
    Receive ever decreasing portions
    So as a counter to the famous quote of
    I retort to those of that ilk
    Let Ye that slices the cake receive the smallest of portions
    Why because the cake is for sharing equitably by all responsible citizens


  3. Looks like the R number is well above 1 here.

    I suggest they all go into quarantine while we see if there’s anyone who hasn’t been to a segregated boarding school and Oxbridge, perhaps from a multi-ethnic background, or even another nation in the UK, who might just possibly be able to do the job.

    What school did you go to, John?


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