Covid-19 death rate among black and ethnic minorities in Scotland is ‘lower’ than wider population

Black and Minority Ethnic people make up 14.5% of the population in England but have had 17% of all Covid-19 deaths. However, some groups, are particularly affected. Black Caribbeans are likely to die at twice rate of their population share. Even more striking, Pakistanis are dying at three times the rate of their population share.

Two weeks ago, Miles Briggs and Anas Sarwar called for an urgent investigation, expecting some data they might use to batter the SNP administration with. They were to be disappointed again. BAME deaths from Covid-19 only half that of peely-wally Jocks!

Yesterday, the First Minister was able to announce:

Today, we have published additional information from Public Health Scotland, which includes preliminary analysis—I stress that it is
preliminary—of Covid-19 cases among minority ethnic communities. Although the data is very limited, and additional analysis is being
undertaken, particularly due to findings in England and Wales, the current analysis in Scotland appears to show that there is not a higher level of
Covid-19 cases than would be expected, given the size of our black, Asian and minority ethnic population.

As always, the FM was being mature.


Only 4% of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups. 98% of the deaths are registered as White so, crudely and not-too-reliably at this stage, the mortality rate among non-White groups is lower at only 2% [p34].

4 thoughts on “Covid-19 death rate among black and ethnic minorities in Scotland is ‘lower’ than wider population

  1. I can assure all that in my conversations with those in Scotland over the years
    From the BAME group and have in the past resided in England or have close relatives there
    That without doubt everyone of them
    When asked as to how they are treated in general compared to in England
    Reply with warm words of affection and appreciation of their acceptance by us
    And never ever would return down south
    They consider Scotland as HOME
    It is impossible to quantify such in terms that have a bearing on the outcome if they have the misfortune to contract covid-19
    But such no doubt has a positive effect
    Especially when combined with the care they require given by a far superior SNHS
    than that of EHNS
    Racism has many unseen terrible consequencies


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  2. I’m sure Anus Sarwar will be along with the results of another ‘Public Inquiry’ showing that this is evidence that the Scottish Covid-19 strain was too racist to infect the BAME population of Scotland!

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  3. People with darker skins have to supplement with VitD in Scotland due to our darker winters. VitD is vital for good immune function. I know Scots GPs are on top of this and advise their BAME patients on this matter. Was told by a Nigerian colleague.

    This may play a role along with the factors premieroneuk points out.

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