I shouldn’t laugh but the plot here is pretty shoogly

In the Herald today:

PUBLIC confidence in the Scottish Government has been “shattered” because of the “cover-up” of an early outbreak of the coronavirus in Scotland, according to Labour’s Ian Murray. The Shadow Scottish Secretary insists that questions are mounting for ministers north and south of the Border over the decision to continue with mass gatherings across the UK following the outbreak at the Nike conference in an Edinburgh hotel in late February.

How can he keep a straight face?

The party of government in Scotland, utterly dominant in the 2019 election and his party wins only one seat in Scotland, based on the strategic votes of Tories, for him personally – public confidence?

The party of government in Scotland riding high, above 50%, in 6 successive polls and Labour close to single figures at times – public confidence?

The SNP First Minister approved of and trusted by more than 70% of the population with his leader in Scotland at 6%! In the most recent poll, the First Minister even trusted by a majority of Tory voters, as well as a strong majority of Labour and Lib Dem supporters -public confidence?

A large majority of UK respondents in repeated surveys supporting the careful lock-down and clear messaging being delivered by the FM – public confidence?

As for Nike, ‘highly politicised nonsense’:



7 thoughts on “I shouldn’t laugh but the plot here is pretty shoogly”

  1. He always plays the working class hero card to keep his position but methinks he is nothing but a self centered career politician and as such every time i hear him. spout,it recalls fond memories of my Father during the miners strike when overhearing a Tory councillor tearing into
    The miners
    And my father who was both a shale and coal miner interrupted his conversation
    Excuse me my good man,may i enquire if you have ever been down a coal mine
    The Tory replied No
    My father replied well Sir may i inform you that i have for over 30 yrs, working at times Dble shifts driving new shafts and never seen sunlight for 14 months,worked 1200 ft below ground in seams 5 ft.high,standing and crawling in water a
    ft deep and saw my own brother decapitated by a buggy come off the rails
    The buckled rail having been reported to management upteem times
    So Sir i politely suggest you nothing of which you speak and as a consequence
    I advice you for own personal safety
    This is the way to deal with Murray and his kind

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  2. The FM, trusted by a majority of Tories and a strong majority of Labour and Lib dems . “approved and trusted by more than 70% of the population”
    The SNP have always wanted to demonstrate their ability to govern.
    And still the Rev. Stu continues to undermine her and our government.

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  3. Diversion from confidence in Johnson’s government handling of this crisis plummeting ?
    When even England’s public pay more credence to SG Murray’s opinion is laughable.

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  4. “Union Jock” Murray is a nasty little man, who has campaigned ruthlessly against the elected leader of the party he belongs to.
    That hasn’t brought him popularity. He came next to bottom of the deputy leader race, with a measly 13% of the vote, in spite of the Labour Establishment/media backing him, big time..
    His “politics” are vicious and vindictive—- parish pump gossip, bad-mouthing and smears. Nothing of any substance ever passes his lips.
    The person who should be worried is Dicky Leotard, outnumbered by Murray and Baillie, another vacuous Brit Nat stooge of Brown/Blair/Darling.

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  5. Murray’s idea of PPE,Protection from Political Extinction is to wave a Union Jack at everything.
    That is all that stands between him and being an ex MP because without it,he would lose the support of liberal and Tory voters in his constituency.
    More or less,as with most Scottish unionists,a one trick pony.

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  6. Happened to catch David Mundell on the Parliament channel, welcoming Murray “back” to the Shadow front bench.
    He was so gushing and effusive, you would have imagined Murray was a Japanese soldier discovered hiding out in a Borneo jungle after 30years—and Fluffy was his Emperor..
    Tory and Labour enemies? Don’t believe it.
    They are handcuffed together to keep Scotland locked down in the Yookay for ever.

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    1. Don’t believe me?
      Ruth Davidson last night stated she couldn’t thank Johann Lamont enough, for her support in 2014.
      You betcha she couldn’t!
      Labour drove the party of Keir Hardie onto the rocks of extreme British nationalism, and destroyed it. Dominion Status, anyone?

      It made Davidsons reputation ( with help from our colonial media), and she will get a free pass onto the Brit Nat gravy train—AKA the HoL— for the rest of her life.
      Who needs the lottery when you have an income for life?

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