In the Herald today:

PUBLIC confidence in the Scottish Government has been “shattered” because of the “cover-up” of an early outbreak of the coronavirus in Scotland, according to Labour’s Ian Murray. The Shadow Scottish Secretary insists that questions are mounting for ministers north and south of the Border over the decision to continue with mass gatherings across the UK following the outbreak at the Nike conference in an Edinburgh hotel in late February.

How can he keep a straight face?

The party of government in Scotland, utterly dominant in the 2019 election and his party wins only one seat in Scotland, based on the strategic votes of Tories, for him personally – public confidence?

The party of government in Scotland riding high, above 50%, in 6 successive polls and Labour close to single figures at times – public confidence?

The SNP First Minister approved of and trusted by more than 70% of the population with his leader in Scotland at 6%! In the most recent poll, the First Minister even trusted by a majority of Tory voters, as well as a strong majority of Labour and Lib Dem supporters -public confidence?

A large majority of UK respondents in repeated surveys supporting the careful lock-down and clear messaging being delivered by the FM – public confidence?

As for Nike, ‘highly politicised nonsense’: