Coronavirus survival rate confirms Scotland no longer ‘Sick man of Europe’

From Martin Williams in the Herald today:

SCOTLAND will emerge from the coronavirus lockdown unhealthier, with four out of five people reporting an increase in harmful habits, including smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating, a new study has found. Only just over a third (35%) of Scots answering a new YouGov survey plan to shake off their new habits after lockdown. And in spite of a rise in online fitness classes and government encouragement to get outside to exercise, over one in four of Scots said they had actually exercised less than before lockdown began.

I’ve requested breakdown data but with no luck so far.

Anyhow, if Scotland is still the sick man of Europe why then have we survived the pandemic, so far, better than many?

Scotland’s death rate is 38.7 per 100 000.

England’s is maybe 55. 4 per 100 000 (probably far higher)

Latest from ONS, death rate in England closer to 100 per 100 000!

Belgium, Spain, Italy and France all have higher rates than Scotland:

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus survival rate confirms Scotland no longer ‘Sick man of Europe’

  1. Strange , I thought we were the worst in in the world, thought our death rate was a lot higher than England , thought our care homes deaths were highest in UK , thought we were behind on , testing , thought we had no PPE , thought we were , well crap actually , don’t tell me the MSM have been telling porkies .

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  2. They really are digging out all the old tropes which the media used for years to try to make Scots feel bad about themselves and to develop ‘the cringe’ that we are far too wee and no very good’.

    However, for quite a while now, people in Scotland have had quite a guid conceit o themsels.

    I think the dredging up of these things is a sign that the unionist clique are getting seriously worried. And they are deploying them to try to stiffen the resolve of the dwindling NO voting readership by feeding them the old stereotypes of the scruff. Sarah Smith’s nastiness is an example of the visceral hate spewing out, because their entitlement is under threat. Ditto Union Jack Murray. and his crony, Alister Jack, whom Murray is supposed to be opposing. However, Murray is clearly adopting the alternative meaning of the word ‘shadowing’, which means using the person being shadowed as an example to emulate. Ye didnae go tae the right kinda school, Ian!

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  3. But at least this is not happening to us, is it? I mean, look at deaths per million.

    “Anyone who has studied the history of plantation slavery understands that the management of the modern labouring classes was modelled on the management of animals. One obvious example is racial classification. Another is the micro-techniques of the labour process: forms of discipline, cleanliness and deference, which, as Foucault showed, were based on dressage and other forms of animal training. With the legal abolition of slavery, the problems of managing herds shifted. Under slavery, the masters had an interest in maintaining the health and even longevity of the slaves, who were their main form of property. After abolition, however, maintaining the health of free workers turned into a burden, especially as the cost of medicine rose. Understanding these simple facts of modern political economy may help explain how the United States, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest country in the world’, ended up with one-third of all Covid-19 cases…..

    ….When the coronavirus presented them with a choice between letting people die and closing down ‘the economy’, there was no question which the masters would choose. A herd that had already had its most contentious and inquisitive members culled, and that had been rendered submissive, would easily become accustomed to the slaughter of two thousand or so per day. It was all a matter of keeping the rest of the herd healthy.”

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