Lib Dem tries to blame Scottish Government for failures of UK Government testing

‘The Shining 2’:

From Brenda Steele:

Why does the Sunday post not make it clear that it is the performance of UK Government Testing Hub that Mr Cole-Hamilton is dissatisfied with?

If he is unhappy that they lost his results and thinks there should be faster turnaround, he needs to complain to either Deloitte – who manage it – or the UK Government.

Telling Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman and Jason Leitch, Scotland’s National Clinical Director, wastes their valuable time and will do nothing to get the problems fixed. And we do know that this system has problems

The results of tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests carried out by the government’s network of testing centres are not being shared locally, stalling efforts to control the outbreak, it has emerged.A leaked email, seen by the Health Service Journal (HSJ), said data from a new testing programme of non-NHS labs – managed by consultancy firm Deloitte – is not available.

And note that the UK Government DOES NOT SHARE THE DATA.

ED: Readers may remember Cole-Hamilton’s previous creepy use of his family to get attention.

In 2019, he allegedly saved his daughter’s life as she choked on a coin:

In 2016, he got his dad to write in and attack Scottish schools:

The stories were everywhere. I wonder how they go there?

4 thoughts on “Lib Dem tries to blame Scottish Government for failures of UK Government testing”

  1. Well, the paper does print an excellent response by Jeane Freeman which not only makes it clear that it is a UK process and that Cole-Hamilton’s family might have lost a ticket which helped to lose the test. Is that a euphemism -“lost the ticket”?

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    1. Can’t manage a conversation, watching telly and making a post properly. Lost the ticket.

      “Ms Freeman said: “We understand that when individuals are tested in one of the UK Government testing centres they will receive their results via text message. In the case that they do not receive them, it is important they retain the barcode they are given when tested in order to request results again.”

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  2. The Post and Cole -Hamilton thought it would make a good SNPbaad story , Jeane Freeman is one of the very few SNP ministers that will take them to task on misinformation , keep it coming Jeane ! .


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