Scottish covid-19 tests useful while UK [English] tests are ‘travesty of statistical science’

Thanks to Brenda Steele for alerting me to this:

In the British Medical Journal on 27th April:

A leading statistician has criticised the UK government’s daily reporting of covid-19 swab test results, saying that no inference can be drawn reliably and that the failure to report by sample date could lead to serious misrepresentation of the pattern of the epidemic.

“The UK’s data collection and reporting of swab testing is a travesty of statistical science, as you can draw no inferences whatsoever about the evolution of the epidemic,” said Sheila Bird, former programme leader at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge Institute of Public Health. “Politicians only seem to be interested in the number of tests performed rather than what is actually happening in the epidemic,” she told The BMJ.

Professor Bird goes on to point out:

This basic demographic information is already collected in Scotland, as all swab tests have an associated community health index number (CHI number), which includes the year of birth and sex of the person tested. Bird said that the CHI numbers used in Scotland enabled more helpful analysis because serial tests for the same person were readily linked.

4 thoughts on “Scottish covid-19 tests useful while UK [English] tests are ‘travesty of statistical science’”

  1. I knew all along something very fishy was going on re.tests nos in England
    All as i posted in various comments on here whereby that initially Scotland were reporting more test/ million by 11 %more than England as of 11/04

    Then by. 28/4 England reporting 21% more
    A swing of34 % from Scotland to England
    So some of the fog as to how this arose is beginning to clear
    Initially UK.Gov website its reporting was chaotic and all over the place and very difficult to access far less trust the stats.presented due to such along with a continually changing of format
    All whilst the Data from Scotland was very easy to find and presented in a rational easy to understand format
    Approx 8 days ago both systems became similar but still poor with regards UK.Gov
    All this strongly points to UK.DELIBARATELY applying real effort
    To conceal reality and not only with actual tests but also with the deaths
    Obviously they got really rattled once the care home deaths were coming to the fore,as it was around that time they began to alter their format and made it slightly easier to locate the info.albeit still not easy but remarkably to Scotlands format
    In key areas
    Remember The British Ship of State has a very long history of such devious methods
    When it knows that its exceptionalism is about to be exposed
    Oh Look the Emperor Has No Clothes On

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