SNP Government nearly TWICE as trusted as BBC (Scotland)

The Survation poll with data collected on 16-23 April, overall, suggested 51% of Brits trust the BBC ‘to provide you with information about covid-19.’ With trust for the Scottish Government at 70%, social media was alive with gleeful commentary on the gap but it’s far better than that, when you see the regional breakdown.

It’s better because we can reasonably link the responses to the dominant, big audience news broadcasts – Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland – and because ‘Low Trust’ was at these levels:

  • London 14.8%
  • South 18.4%
  • Midlands 21.8%
  • North 21.5%
  • Wales 15.2%
  • N Ireland 11.5%
  • Scotland 38%

Only 8 out 143 Scots asked ‘completely trusted’ BBC.

5 thoughts on “SNP Government nearly TWICE as trusted as BBC (Scotland)

  1. The BBC should seriously re think their technique as the majority of licence payers in Scotland no longer trust them
    Ask any proper business advice and just as i was taught
    That tells you
    All successful business is built on the most solid of foundations of TRUST
    and that is between both parties
    Once broken by the vendor then it is almost impossible to regain any customer
    Who loses faith in you
    I belive that when you look at the trust factors in age group 18-35 then those who neither watch or believe the BBC
    CLIMBS to very a very high %
    Such can only lead to catastrophic failure
    As the list of non licence payers grows and grows
    Bet a very high % of those who do trust them are the over 60,s and as time goes by the nos. Trusting diminishes and the opposite increases

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  2. As this question was specifically about trust in getting information on C-19, where a lot of the reporting could be fact-based, I might have expected that offered broadcasters and press the opportunity to do fairly well compared to a more general question on trust in reporting news and current affairs. Might we expect that if that latter question was asked, low trust in BBC might be nudging towards 50%, or even a majority? I need to search around for any other polls.

    As I commented back to @ProfJWR on Twitter, it was interesting to see Channel4News within a couple of %age posts of BBC on high trust figures, and if Ch4 can just improve that a bit it would be nice to see any BBC self-praise of “most trusted broadcaster in the world” being answered by “second most trusted broadcaster in the UK”

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  3. A public broadcaster we all pay for? Each nation in the UK should have a broadcaster to fortify their culture, reflect their history, enhance their sense of self–in a good way!

    Instead Scotland has been landed with a broadcasting culture which detests Scottish history, culture, identity. A broadcaster which denigrates the country it is supposed to serve. A broadcaster which refuses to fund Scottish TV and Radio to the same level as England/Wales: promotes an Anglicised cultural agenda and a Unionist narrative on all its output.
    Trust? No, this is colonial hegemony at its worst.

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    1. Well put
      But it soon will all be all over and those people who engineered all itShall NEVER be forgiven
      The UK is now Fiscally bankrupt so expect
      Trickery the likes of which has never been seen before
      They have no empire any more to blunder
      Except for a good few of tiny little Islands
      Which only exist as tax havens for the elite and powerful
      Remember when The Queen was even caught with monies in them
      Reported for 1 day only then conveniently dropped knowing most would forget I have more respect for the Mafia because at least you are well aware of what have to deal with


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