Scotland testing 14% more than UK average and Brian Wilson reveals SNP better prepared than UK Tories for even more

Scotsman yesterday

By yesterday, 47 749 people had been tested in Scotland or 0.87% of the population.

Across the UK 517 836 had been tested, or 0.76% of the population

So, the rate of testing in Scotland is 14% (87-76=11 then 11% of 76=14) higher than the UK average.

Teenage SNP member, arch-Unionist, former New labour Minister for Energy, champion of nuclear power and Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Brian Wilson, is predictably upset with all this respect, even adulation, for the Scottish First Minister.

The New Statesman, the Telegraph and BBC UK have all been utterly charmed by her. Wilson will have been frothing and bursting blood-vessels until he got to the keyboard.

With a sarky wee dig at the adult conversation thingy, he has jumped on the supposedly low level of testing in Scotland. Sadly for him, however, as soon as the Scottish Government tries to do something more about it, the UK portal reveals that the capacity for more testing is actually there in Scotland but not in his precious UK:

In the Guardian yesterday:

The BBC reported that home-testing kits had become unavailable after 15 minutes on Saturday morning, and tests at regional drive-through sites in England were booked up within an hour. Drive-through tests in Scotland remain available, and the Welsh government is developing its own portal and has asked that the central booking system does not take bookings for the country’s testing sites.

5 thoughts on “Scotland testing 14% more than UK average and Brian Wilson reveals SNP better prepared than UK Tories for even more

  1. John
    You have your nos.wrong
    Tests to 25/04
    Scotland 47749 ( you corcorrect)
    UK all of 640972 ( you incorrect )
    Source for Scotland-Scot.Gov
    Source For UK -UK.Gov + /coraonvirus
    1.Scot.Gov data easily attained and crystal clear + consistent
    2.ditto for worldmeter
    3.UK.Gov. slightly confusing and awkward to find,format always changing
    In fact just now i cannot locate test figs for UK,But could so yesterday and it was very confusing but my nos.of 640972 for UK
    Was their yesterday on UK.Gov website
    And that is where worldmeters get their data
    Yesterday UK.Gov. were showing 2 totals for tests to date and extremely confusing
    But just as worldmeters i took i believe the higher no.but only after checking and comparing worldmeters
    I told you a post Games were being played with test UK
    As 25/04
    Scotland Tests/million of. Population. 8681
    UK Test/million of Population 9454
    Therefore Scotland Minus 9%
    But on 11/4 Scotland was + 9.3%
    And have been deteriating for Scotland in comparison since 14/4 slowly
    But started to surge in UK favour from 20/04
    The swing from Scotland since 11/04
    To UK until 25/04 is. 18.3%
    IS THIS a. Confusion
    b. Clever moves by UK
    Relevant Authorities and Media require alerting to this ASAP for proper investigation

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      1. John I understand
        The stats i collate every day stick as much as possible to the rules of analysing data
        You establish fairly the reliability of source,Apply the fairest figs.
        Use only the data you trust
        Do not pick & mix the stats or methods of application in order to hide or distort your conclusions in any + or – manner
        When the official stats 1 st appeared it was not until the 5th day of reporting by those supplying the data before i could supply the methods i desired
        There never was a problem with the Scottish data,always presented in a easy to understand format and as time passed it became obvious they could not possibly be more honest and transparent
        While the UK equivalent has constantly altered its format and appearance and i believe in main due to
        1.They would have been caught and exposed if they did not talk to Scotland as approx 8 days ago there was some harmonisation reflected by changes to both Scotland & UK
        I suspect such occurred because Scotland started to add the care homes,hospices and at home deaths
        England was NOT doing so and no matter what this would explode in their face
        Hence i sincerely believe UK Gov. Is upto nefarious reporting of care home deaths and seriously attempting to keep control of MSM and the whole agenda of their shocking performance
        That has led to such a abysmal result for them
        They are masters of such techniques
        And have been doing so for 100,s of yrs
        If they get this wrong then they shall fall upon their own sword
        Scottish authorities and all Independence movements should be put on full alert and watch now
        As their are far better people than me who can monitor and report this
        If you go to other Nations such as
        And apply the same rules to their data
        Then the performance of UK is shocking and no government anywhere should not get away this by being fully exposed and brought down
        Scotland considering the circumstances it finds itself in having to operate in has played a absolute blinder

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  2. Just one example of the Great British Empire, and its ability to cover up any atrocity:

    I don’t remember this being taught in history at school, but maybe it was too contemporary and not historical enough at the time? The British State is not some kind of benign bumbling fool getting things wrong, they are doing exactly what they want, and none of it an accident.

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  3. Wilson has done so much good for the highlands and islands over the years but seems incapable of adjusting to new realities; hence his hatred of the SNP, his love of the nuclear power industry and his enduring ability to be an apologist for the second Gulf War. It could be genuine conviction or, who knows, being blinded by huge pay cheques ?


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