Who is really to blame for death in private care homes?

We’ve seen BBC Scotland and the Herald offer an uncritical platform to Robert Kilgour, care homes owner and Tory donor, allowing him to blame the Scottish Government for deaths in care homes. The Scottish Tories are of course joining in. The reasons are obvious.

From the Daily Record only two weeks ago:

Care home bosses could face fines or even jail if they don’t comply with new measures to protect staff and residents. Following allegations that one care home had locked personal protection equipment away from staff who needed it, a union boss called for full enforcement legislation to be used against any care home shown to be negligent.


From the Socialist Worker in 2016:

Profit margins are high. The industry is dominated by low pay and labour is estimated to be 60-80 percent of all costs. For some years firms have milked the public purse while squeezing staff. Of 224 care firms investigated, 115 failed to pay the minimum wage. Figures last year showed that more than half the care companies investigated by customs officials were paying their workers less than the minimum wage.


From the Telegraph in 2019:

More than 100 failing care homes are being run by directors who have been forced to shut down others after residents died or were neglected, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal. An investigation by this newspaper found 121 care homes – rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – which are run by people who have been forced to close other homes after the care regulator found alarming incidents of neglect.


Kilgour is not the only care home owner grateful to the Tories.

Ravinder Gidar owner of Gold Care with 23 homes of which 2 have failed inspections, was invited to the Conservative’s summer party in June 2013 and gave £50,000 to the Party a few months later.


A Worcestershire MP accepted nearly £12,000 from a failing Birmingham nursing home on behalf of his constituency office, it has been revealed. Critics have called on Culture Secretary Sajid Javid to give back the money and questioned his judgement in accepting the donation from the Moundsley Hall Care Home in Kings Norton.


8 thoughts on “Who is really to blame for death in private care homes?

  1. Appreciate a sensitive issue both Politically, Legally and Morally but if this level of deaths in Care Homes continues unabated then these must come a time to name and shame the worst culprits especially as it seems some in the sector have a history of neglect.

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  2. A neighbour worked for a while in a private care home in Tranent. She had to buy her own gloves and often brought in a loaf to toast for the residents because she saw they were hungry. This was 25 years ago and though the Care Inspectorate has I hope stopped such cruelty there is little they can do to control excessive profit making. Thank you John for reminding people of the simple fact that owners / employers were and are responsible for keeping their residents and their staff safe.


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