I used to vote Labour, until Blair. I know folk who have stayed loyally with them, as those who care about progressive policies have drifted to the SNP or the Greens and as others have put the Union before Labour values, to support the unspeakable Tories.

I respect them. I admire their dedication and optimism. When Corbyn won and seemed to be dragging the party back to where it belongs, I hesitated but I knew that it could not last in England.

With the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer announced and his expulsion of socialists from his shadow cabinet, I could see it was over.

Did two words, ‘Sir’ and ‘Keir’ ever look so uncomfortable together?

Now with the return of Ed ‘I’m keeping austerity’ Milliband, you know where you’re going and you know it won’t be a place where you can be happy.

I’t’s no good saying that you still have a Corbynite running the Scottish branch. He’ll do what he’s told and with his new depute, a longtime Blairite and WMD-supporter, his days are numbered.

I’m not saying join and campaign for the SNP or the Greens but lend them your vote until the great day when Scotland’s predominantly leftist electorate can get the government it votes for.