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  • After the hand cleansers not in right place scandal
  • Here’s the headline claim:

‘We hear about a man with MND left lying on a floor for hours due to a lack of crisis care as his brother self-isolated.’

Here’s the truth of the situation:

‘The local social care partnership said it offered respite care to Richard, 50, but he turned it down. He told them he wanted to remain in his own home.’

So, with care staff unavoidably reduced by the coronavirus outbreak, the man is offered temporary care in a respite centre but refuses it. The brother self-isolates and doesn’t visit for several days. Another family member finds him on the floor. I can see why it’s distressing but they were offered a safe solution. Must public services be able to meet any demand regardless of what is possible?

More important, this single case is not evidence of a wider crisis, on its own. It cannot be but, once more Reporting Scotland contravene their own editorial guidelines to imply a wider crisis on the basis of a single event.