From stewartb

The relocation of Charles and others in his household to Balmoral at this time is more than insensitive. It is crass!

It exhibits a flagrant disregard for government guidance – ‘no unnecessary travel’. And it disregards both the guidance as well as widespread rural community ‘sentiment’: in terms, don’t use second homes in the Highlands as your personal bolthole in order to isolate yourself and your family. Don’t come, stay put! The heir to the throne has ignored all this by traveling to his family’s private residence at Balmoral – and it is such bad luck that immediately after he arrives he tests positive for Coronavirus!

We already know that the queen moved location to Windsor in response to Coronovirus. The BBC said so: “This year however, the royal diary has been changed as Buckingham Palace adapts the Sovereign’s plans in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.” So is Charles’ move to Balmoral a ‘response’ to the same?

The ‘courtly’ Hello Magazine on 25 March certainly suggests that Charles’ move north and the queen’s move to Windsor are both related to Coronovirus:

“The Queen and Prince Philip were taken to Windsor Castle last week as the coronavirus pandemic continued to escalate worldwide, and it’s since been confirmed Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have also left London and are spending their time in Scotland.”

It goes on: “Last week, Charles was said to be hard at work at home at Clarence House, so he’s likely still doing the same thing at Balmoral.”


So ‘if still doing the same thing’, what was wrong with Charles, his wife and his office staff and his security staff all staying put in Clarence House? Or if not to his taste, what was wrong with making the shorter journey to his private home at Highgrove, Gloucestershire? And was there no room in the other Royal Residences in and around London close to well resourced private medical facilities if needed?

I wonder how many members of staff have traveled with Charles to ‘serve’ him at Balmoral? How did they travel and at what cost, and at what infection transmission risk? Did all his accompanying staff get tested by NHS Grampian for the virus too? How many people local to Balmoral will now be engaged in ‘serving’ an infected house guest plus accompanying staff? Do Police Scotland now need to deploy to Balmoral? How many Grampian Health Board staff have already been and may still need to be engaged in supporting the infected visitor and potentially others in the household?

Does the man and his advisors not ‘get it’ … or just don’t care?