The BBC ‘misreporting’ virus spreads to Wales!

From stewartb:

In a debate in the Senedd, there has been criticism of the BBC for broadcasting information about the coronavirus outbreak that is “wholly inaccurate”.

The following is taken from the official record of the Senedd (with my emphasis):

Alun Davies AM (Labour) stated: “I am seriously concerned about the ability of the BBC, and other broadcasters, to communicate effectively what is happening throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.”

He goes on:  “I’ve listened to a number of different broadcasts, where the BBC, in particular, has broadcast information that is WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY INACCURATE, because it is simply focusing on England, and not on the United Kingdom as a whole.

This is a matter that the current director general assured me, when I was a Minister with responsibility for broadcasting policy, that would be addressed. He hasn’t addressed it, and he’s failed to address it. And that is something that, in this emergency, is becoming something of a crisis.”

In response  Mark Drakeford, FM said: “….  It’s when you turn on a national broadcaster and hear them MANGLE THE RESPONSIBILITIES, as they are currently distributed across the United Kingdom, that I do my best not to allow my blood pressure to rise but, sometimes, they do GET IT SO BADLY WRONG, and, therefore, are MISLEADING PEOPLE who hear them, that it’s DIFFICULT NOT TO FEEL ANGRY  about it.”

Regular readers of TUSC articles will be well aware of the BBC’s ‘mangling’ of information on what is reserved to Westminster and what is devolved to Holyrood on a regular basis. We are only too aware of the BBC practice in which the ‘UK’ = ‘Great Britain’ = ‘England’ – and all the foregoing equate to ‘THE (single, aka the ‘one’ Tory) NATION’!

3 thoughts on “The BBC ‘misreporting’ virus spreads to Wales!

  1. Talking about misleading and mangling. Lisa Summers on RS tonight. Showed a graphic of a graphexponential rise of positive cases cases in Scotland and on the same graph the very slowly rising graph of deaths. She mentioned the number of positive cases then the number of deaths and then said of course this is just the tip of the iceberg!! This clunky sentence construction to anyone half listening leaves the impression that the number of deaths is the tip of the iceberg. Mangled and misleading. No attempt either to explain why the number of positive cases, which were the ones she was actually describing as the ‘tip of the iceberg’ are likely to be higher.

    At the end of her report she then said that parking charges had been lifted at Scottish hospitals thus giving the impression that charges applied at all hospitals instead of just 3. Misleading.

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  2. Boris Broadcasting (to) Colonies.

    Its pretty poor fare. Inaccurate, biased, Anglo/London Centric. BBC Scotland is the nadir of dross.

    And we have to pay for it.

    Boris had to talk to us on three nights out of four—had to go for a wee lie down. Pair soul.

    Maybe need to go to Mustique for a month or two. Though he might be better joining Charlie on Rockall.

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