BBC Scotland and the Herald ‘have your back’ with a wee dagger of anxiety in it to help you remember that all-too-important message for whenever you might think of voting SNP or for independence – ‘NHS is in crisis because SNP is failing it!’ Now repeat that as many times as you can while you’re driving or walking to work.

Here at the Talking-up Scotland Collective we have the anti-venom, free at the point of need – ‘Truth.’ You take it just by reading this:

93% of people [in Scotland] were able to obtain two working day access to their GP practice; this is a slight increase from the previous survey.

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Scotland has the highest number of GPs per head of population in the UK, research commissioned by the BBC shows.

Analysis by the Nuffield Trust think tank shows there are 76 GPs per 100,000 people, compared to a national UK average of 60:

Scottish GP headcount climbs for 3rd quarter in a row, is younger and more numerous than in England

If you need more of this anti-venom, just search here for ‘GP’.