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18 of the 19 who have died in Iraq

In 2003, Alex Salmond, then leader of the SNP, spoke frequently against the Iraq War and pointed to the vanity of PM Tony Blair as he casually threw away lives in pursuit of his career and bowed to the pressure a US president in need of a boost for his fading popularity. Now we have the even more self-centred and weak Boris Johnson unable to resist the pressure of the current US President.

According to BBC sources, 19 Scots military personnel have died in Iraq and 25 have died in Afghanistan



So, the current FM is correct to speak out against this possible war, if only to prevent the loss of more young Scots in a war for nothing. Of course, the many more deaths of civilians at the hands of Scots is an even more powerful reason. The words of Hamish Henderson say it for us:

Nae mair will our bonnie callants
Merch tae war when oor braggarts crousely craw
Nor wee weans frae pitheid an clachan
Murn the ships sailin doun the Broomielaw
Broken faimlies in lands we’ve hairriet
Will curse Scotland the Brave nae mair, nae mair
Black an white ane-til-ither mairriet
Mak the vile barracks o thair maisters bare