His trousers were even on fiyah and he just sat there!

The latest YouGov poll based on fieldwork on 5-6 November has the Tories still strong, 11 points ahead of Labour, and apparently unaffected by their apparently disastrous week:

  • Con 36%
  • Lab 25%
  • DimLeb 17%
  • Brexit 11%

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With Rees-Mogg ‘misspeaking’ to reveal his contempt for the dead of Grenfell, Tory MPs laughing at poverty, lying in a rape case and with one candidate even suggesting the poor might be better ‘put down’, you might think they’d be damaged and we’d see a fall in support. The latest YouGov poll was taken in the midst of the media frenzy about the nasty party but it seems to have had no effect. I know it’s only one poll. Are Tory-supporters mostly just as nasty as their politicians and the latter could do worse and still get away with it?