Joseph Rowntree Foundation praises SNP initiative on child poverty

The Scottish Child Payment will see £10 per week paid to lower-income families in receipt of qualifying benefits1 for every child aged under 16 years old.

While the JRF offers advice on further improvements to the Scottish Child Payment, it was particularly supportive of the initiative saying, today:

  1. Following a great deal of work in advance of the Scottish Government’s announcement, including campaigning by a significant coalition of poverty-focused organisations in Scotland, we were pleased that the analysis and ideas in our first report had in many ways been reflected in the Scottish Government’s announcement. We believe the Scottish Child Payment could make a significant contribution to tackling child poverty in Scotland.
  2. Urgency and impact: Without question the Scottish Government has shown greater urgency in their proposals for the Scottish Child Payment, announcing initially that it would bring forward the initial payment to under-sixes to 2021 (over a year earlier than expected) and most recently, through the Scottish Government’s September 2019 Programme for Government, bringing forward the initial payment to before Christmas 2020.
  3. Ambition: The Scottish Government has made the decision to invest a large sum into the new Scottish Child Payment. Without question, its expected budget of £180 million is a significant level of funding, particularly at a time when public funding is under strain.

Earlier reports here on child poverty:

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One thought on “Joseph Rowntree Foundation praises SNP initiative on child poverty

  1. Meanwhile the SNP Scottish Govt doing the Day Job Thing has resulted in more than 46,000 children in Scotland managing to access enhanced care hours almost 1 year in advance of the due start dates: Link and snippets from site below: (Natch, I found nil mention of this new data being carried on the beeb Scotland website).

    Thousands of children already benefiting from additional hours.

    More than 46,000 children across Scotland are already benefiting from extra hours of high quality early learning and childcare almost a year before the full roll out of 1,140 funded hours of care for every eligible child.

    By August next year children will be eligible for more funded hours of early learning and childcare than ever before and families will have more choice over how they access those hours.

    New figures show that one third of three and four-year-olds and eligible two-year-olds are already accessing more than the minimum 600 hours to which they are currently entitled.

    The figures also reveal:

    • 214 nurseries have been built, extended or refurbished since March 2018
    • the number of three to five-year-olds receiving more than 600 hours is 6.6% ahead of forecast
    • capacity for 1,140 hours in local authority nurseries is 2.8% ahead of forecast
    • the private sector will make a larger contribution than previously forecast, up 4% to 26%
    • overall, all indicators are broadly in line with or ahead of the forecast national position, albeit with significant variability at a local level

    Request to Scotland’s parents- Please note that these welcome developments are being brought to you and your children by the SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt. The London based parties offer only continuing austerity and describe these vital public projects as ‘The Something For Nothing Society’ – Please, please,please think on that next time you visit a polling station near you.


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