Psychologists report that boys named Liam are 17.63% more likely to go on to develop problems with alcohol and drugs

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In only the latest of hundreds of fatuous Freedom of Information requests made to the Scottish Government, someone has asked for ‘Any breakdown or further information regarding Humza Yousaf’s £150 meal allowance spend on 03/04/2019.’

There were six of them there scoffing and quaffing at the public expense in a so-called ‘working dinner’, so the average cost was £25! What! What’s wrong with Greggs? The gluttonous parties were Humza, Liam Kerr, Liam McArthur, John Finnie, Daniel Johnson and John McFarlane. But, but, but, five beers were consumed! The total £13.50 cost for the bevvy was paid for separately by one of the 5 drinkers. Only the SNP guy (Humza) did not need a pint in the middle of the day and we hear in the answer that he doesn’t consume alcohol at all.